Youngsters Groups

Youngsters (Los Angeles)


began as Preludes (LA) – Don’t Fall In Love Too Soon/ I Want Your Arms Around Me (All The Time), ’56 (Empire 103)


Youngsters – Shattered Dreams/ Rock’n Roll’n Cowboy, ’56 (Empire 104)


as Tempters – I’ll See You Next Fall/ I’m Sorry Now, ’56 (Empire 105)



– Counterfeit Heart/ You’re An Angel (With The Devil In Your Eyes), ’56 (Empire 107)

– Dreamy Eyes/ Christmas In Jail, ’56 (Empire 109)

– Dreamy Eyes/ I’m Sorry Now, ’56 (Empire 109)


Note:  As/ Original gms included: Homer Green, Don Miller, Charles Everidge, Harold Murray, James Warren, and later, Herman Pruitt.


The Youngsters (Georgia)


The Youngsters (ref Dean & Mark Mathis) – Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin)/ Lucky Sixteen, ’59 (Checker 917)

  • The book listed the B-side artist as Cinnamon Skin when in fact Cinnamon Skin is the ‘Piel Canela’ translation.


as The Brothers (Dean & Mark Mathis) – Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin)/ Lucky Sixteen, ’59 (Checker 917)

  • Scan found for ‘Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin).’


as The —— Brothers [sic] – My True Love/ One Lonely Heart, ’61 (Checker 995)


Youngsters (The Other Groups)


Youngsters (NY) – Teenager Susan/ Sweet Talk, ’58 (Apt 25021)


Youngsters (Hollywood Blvd) as Sue Black (w Rick & The Youngsters) – Take Me/ It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, ’61 (Candix 313)


Youngsters (KY) (Little Pete & The) (BB The Artistocrats) – You Told Another Lie/ I’ll Never Leave You Again, ’62 (Lesley 1925)


Youngsters (KY) – I’ll Never Leave You Again/ You Told Another Lie, ’63 (Candlelite 428)