Wonders Groups

Wonders (LA) (Bobby Adams Lead) – Bop-Bop-Baby/ Little Girl, ’54 (Space 202) (The group is the Dundees without Carlyle Dundee.)



Wonders (Ohio)

– Cuttin’ Out/ Well Now, ’57 (Reserve 122)

– I’ll Write A Book/ Hey Senorita, ’59 (Ember 1051)



Tony Allen by The Wonders (LA) – Be My Love, Be My Love/ Tell Me, ’58 (Forward 601)


Tony Allen & The Wonders (LA)

– Be My Love, Be My Love/ Tell Me, ’58 (Tampa 157)

– Looking For My Baby/ Loving You, ’59 (Jamie 1119)


Tony Allen (& Group)

– God Gave Me You/ Train Of Love, ’59 (Jamie 1143)

– Be My Love, Be My Love/ Dreamin [sic], ’61 (Kent 364)

(If BB is The Wonders, they are uncredited.)



Fantasys as Wonders (Philadelphia)

– I Wonder, ’61 (Guyden-Unreleased & Chesapeake 604)

– Summer Love, ’61 (Chesapeake 604) (Richard Smith was added as a guest fourth voice.)



Wonders (Fort Worth TX) (B.C. And Bobby) – What’s The World Coming To/ One Day At A Time, ’61 (Manco 1024)



Wonders (Los Angeles) –  Please Don’t Cry/ With These Hands, ’62 (Bamboo 523)



Wonders (NY) – Marilyn/ Say There, ’63 (Colpix 699)


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