Whirlwinds Groups

Whirlwinds (ref Kenny Chandler) as Kenny Beau (Vocal With The Whirlwinds) – You’re The Right One/ Gift Of Love, ’59 (PL 1015)

(Also recorded What Is Love/Cindy Lou as Kenny Beau & The Beaus for the PL label which were unreleased.  See (topshelfoldies.org/kenny_chandler.htm) for Kenny Chandler biography.)



Whirlwinds (Louisiana) (Joe Weldon & The) – Someone/ Answer Soon, ’59 (Khoury’s 714) (Artist spelling corrected.)



Whirlwinds (Hollywood) (James Loyd With The) – I Can’t Stand Another Broken Heart/ I Know About The Boy Next Door, ’63 (Empala 117)



Five Bops (Texas) – Jitterbuggin’/ Unforgotten Love, ’59 (Hamilton 50023)


Five Bops became Whirlwinds (Texas) – Angel Love/ The Mountain, ’61 (Guyden 2052)



Cordells (Philadelphia) as Whirlwinds

– Heartbeat/ At The Party, ’63 (Philips 40139)

– Heartbeat, ’74 (Times Square 112) (Book dated 1967. Flip is ‘That’s My Girl’ by De Jan & The Elgins.)


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