Wheels Groups & Federals

Bubber Johnson (BB Wheels) book error – Drop Me A Line/ Ding Dang Doo, ’55 (King 4793) (BB is Admirals-uncredited.)



Vikki Nelson (BB The Wheels (NY)-uncredited) – By My Side/ Bright And Early, ’56 (Premium 402)


Arthur Lake (BB The Wheels (NY)-uncredited) – The Good Earth/ May I Count On You, ’56 (Premium 406)


Gloria Lynn (BB The Wheels (NY)-uncredited) – I Can’t Waste My Tears/ Run For Your Love, ’57 (Premium 412) (Scans found.)



Wheels (NY)

– My Heart’s Desire/ Let’s Have A Ball, ’56 (Premium 405)

– Teasin’ Heart/ Loco, ’56 (Premium 408)

– I Can’t Forget/ How Could I Ever Leave You, ’57 (Premium 410) (No b-side scan.)

– So Young And So In Love/ Where Were You, ’58 (Time 1003)

– Clap Your Hands (Part 1)/ Clap Your Hands (Part 2), ’59 (Folly 800) (w the Teddy Vann Chorus & Orch.)

– No One But You/ I’ve Waited For A Lifetime, ’60 (Roulette 4271)

– Where Were You/ So Young And So In Love, ’96 (Early Bird 006) (A-B sides are reversed from Time 1003.)

– I Can’t Go On Without You (Premium) (No info on this title.)


Wheels (NY) (Rudy & The) – Copy Cat/ It’s Not For Me, ’59 (Curtis 751)


Wheels (NY) as Federals

– Come Go With Me/ Cold Cash, ’57 (DeLuxe 6112)

– While Our Hearts Are Young/ You’re The One I Love, ’57 (Fury 1005)

– Dear Loraine [sic]/ She’s My Girl, ’57 (Fury 1009)



Wheels (New York) as Ferris & The Wheels Orchestra – Chop, Chop/ I Want To Dance (Every Night), ’61 (Bambi 801)


Wheels (New York) (Ferris & The) – He Was A Fortune Teller/ Moments Like This, ’62 (United Artists 458)




Wheels (Louisiana) (Midge Olinde & The) – Precious Love/ Driving Wheel, ’62 (Viking 1011)


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