Webs Groups

The Webs (LA) – Let Me Take You Home, ’58 (Sotoplay 006)

Moe Walker & The Webs (LA) – Do I Have A Chance, ’58 (Sotoplay 006)

  • See Marv Goldberg’s ‘Cuff Links’ article.


Webs (Galveston Tx) – Question/ Steamboat, ’63 (Guyden 2090)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Willie L Cooper. 


Webs (Galveston Tx)

This Thing Called Love/ Tomorrow, ’67 (Pop-Side 4593 & Popside 4593)

  • Writing credits: Willie Cooper-Marshall Boxley/ Robert Bateman-Kenneth Lewis.

– Give In/ It’s So Hard To Break A Habit, ’67 (Popside 4595)

  • Writing credits:  Robert Bateman-Lou Courtney/ Willie Cooper-Marshall Boxley.


Webs (Galveston Tx) – We Belong Together/ I Want You Back, ’68 (Verve 10610)

  • Writiing credits: Boxley-Cooper/ Courtney-Bateman.


Webs (Alabama) (ref Roy Orbison’s Candymen) – People Sure Act Funny/ You Pretty Fool, ’66 (MGM 13602)


Note:  The Candymen reverted to their original name [The Webs] for this one release.

  • Bobby Goldsboro is not involved.