Valentinos Groups

Radiants (New York) (Male Group) – Ra Cha Cha/ I’ll Never Be Mean, ’58 (Wizz 713) (Book cross-referenced this Radiants group to all the listed Valentinos groups.  It is unconfirmed what, if any, relationship there is to these Valentinos group.)



Valentinos (Bronx NY) (ref Gilbert Valentin) – Let Me Be Your Girl/ A Kiss From Your Lips, ’60 (Brunswick 55171) (Also released on same # asby Originals (ref Sonia Rivera).  Gilbert Valentin was formerly connected to the Casanovas on Planet.)


Valentinos (Bronx NY) error – Mr Magic Moon, ’63 (Kapp) (All sources indicate this is only by the Gleams on Kapp 565.)



Pearl McKinnon (BB The Valentinos) – Little Boy And Girl (U-tube of UGHA performance on 08-25-01) (This posting is FYI only.  Pearl McKinnon was a female sound-alike-Frankie Lymon associated with the Kodaks/Kodoks and Deltars.  The Valentinos named on the post are unknown.)



Valentinos (Acapella Group) (Members are unknown.)

– Whatcha Know New/ Easy To Fall In Love, ’82 (Clifton 70)

– Peppermint Stick/ Moonglow, ’82 (Crystal Ball 147)

– I Miei Giorni Felici/ On Sunday Afternoon, ’92 (Clifton 101)


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