Voxpoppers Group

Voxpoppers (Canarsie NY) formerly Bell Hops – Please Don’t Say No To Me/ Merchant Street Blues, ’56 (Tin Pan Alley 153-54)

  • Writing credits: Wicks-Covais/ Caston-Covais.
  • As/ Whitedoowopcollector, Frankie Tamburo, Harry Tamburo and Sal Tamburo became the Voxpoppers.


Voxpoppers (Canarsie NY)

Note:  Gms: Tamburo Brothers, Richard Bernardi and Gene Shaeffer.

– Wishing For Your Love/ The Last Drag, ’58 (Amp-3 1004 & Mercury 71282)

– Pony Tail/ Ping Pong Baby, ’58 (Mercury 71315)

– Come Back Little Girl/ A Love To Last A Lifetime, ’58 (Poplar 107 & Poplar 121-122)

  • P121 & P122 are part of #107 scans.

– Can’t Understand It/ A Blessing After All, ’59 (Versailles 200)


as Vox Poppers – Why Do You Treat Me This Way/ We Have Fun, ’58 (Poplar 112)

  • Book listed B-side as ‘Come Back Little Girl.’


Voxpoppers (Canarsie NY) (Freddie & The) – Lonely For You, ’60 (Warwick 589)

Voxpoppers (Canarsie NY) (Freddie & The) (BV Female) – Helen Isn’t Tellin’, ’60 (Warwick 589)


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