Voice Masters Groups

Voice Masters (Detroit)

– Oop’s I’m Sorry/ Hope And Pray, ’59 (Anna 101)

– Needed (fast version)/ Needed (For Lovers Only) (slow version), ’59 (Anna 102)


Voice Masters (Detroit) as Ty Hunter (w The Voice Masters)

– Everything About You/ Orphan Boy, ’60 (Anna 1114)

– Everytime/ Free, ’60 (Anna 1123)


Voice Masters error – Hit And Runaway Love/ Advertising For Love, ’59 (Anna 103)

  • Titles are by ‘Hill Sisters’ on Anna 1103.


Voice Masters (Frisco Group) – Two Lovers/ In Love In Vain, ’60 (Frisco 15235)

  • The book listed as Voicemasters and dated 1960.
  • Scans are as Voice Masters.
  • See (soulfuldetroit.com/showthread.php?1455-Frisco-Label) for information on dating and the discussion on ‘In Love In Vain’ on Frisco #15235 as Voice Masters and ‘My Love Was All In Vain’ on Copa #15235 as Voicemasters.