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Vocaltones (Harlem)


Note:  Some Dovers (Harlem) members became part of the Vocaltones.



– I’m Gonna Get That Girl/ My Girl, ’56 (Apollo 488)

– Three Kinds Of People/ Darling (You Know I Love You), ’56 (Apollo 492)

– I’ll Never Let You Go/ My Version Of Love, ’56 (Apollo 497)

Hawaiian Rock ‘N Roll/ Walkin’ My Baby, ’57 (Cindy 3004)

  • No scans found.
    • ‘Hawaiian Rock ’N Roll ‘is the same song as ‘Wanna Lee.’
      • See Marv Goldberg’s article here for the Cindy label history.


as Vocal Tones – Walkin’ With My Baby/ Wanna Lee, ’57 (Juanita 100 & Bim Bam Boom 117, ’73)



– Please Don’t Leave Me (Recorded 1955), ’89 (Relic LP 5082 1-2)

– I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody (Brenda Lee (Jones-Nelson)-Lead), ’89 (Relic LP 5082 1-4)

– My Last Goodbye To You (Recorded 1955), ’89 (Relic LP 5082 1-5)

– Come Dance With Me, ’57 (Goldner Label-Unreleased)

  • Title is not on Relic LP 5082.


Vocaltones – Relic LP 5082 (Our Version Of Love)

  • Track listing/ back cover.

Side One: Darling You Know I Love You, Please Don’t Leave Me (Unreleased), My Version Of Love (Alt Take 1), I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody (Lead Brenda Lee), My Last Goodbye To You (Lead Brenda Lee), Three Kinds Of People

Side Two: My Girl, I’ll Never Let You Go, Three Kinds Of People (Alt Take), I’m Gonna Get That Girl, My Version Of Love, Darling You Know I Love You (Alt. Take).


Vocaltones (PA)


as Bobby Harris w The Vocaltones – Crazy Crazy Crazy/ Don’t Do It Baby, ’55 (Wen Dee 1933)


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