Videls/Vi Dels Groups

Videls (RI) as Videls’ (w Frank Spino & His Orch) – Be My Girl/ Place In My Heart, ’59 (Rhody 2000)

Videls (RI) – Be My Girl/ Place In My Heart, ’61 (Medieval 203)


Videls (RI) as Vi-Dels – I’ll Keep On Waiting/ Streets Of Love, ’60 (Kapp 361)


Videls (RI)

– Mister Lonely/ I’ll Forget You, ’60 (JDS 5004)

– Now That Summer Is Here/ She’s Not Coming Home, ’60 (Tic Tac Toe 5005 & JDS 5005) (Scans found for both labels.)

– A Letter From Ann/ This Year’s ‘Mister New’, ’61 (Kapp 405)


Videls (RI) Magic Carpet LP 1005 (A Letter From The Videls) 1981 (The book’s listings are underscored.)

A-side: A Letter From Ann, This Years [sic] Mr New, Mr Lonely, I’ll Forget You, The Party Starts at Nine, We Belong Together (2:10), It’s All Over (2:05), Save A Dream.

B-side: Be My Girl, Place In My Heart, Hold Me Tight, Now That Summer Is Here, She’s Not Coming Home, Streets of Love, I’ll Keep on Waiting, Unlucky Me.

(Unlucky Me is a Demo for Why Does The Dance Have To End.)


Errors with the credits on Magic Carpet LP 1005:

– ‘Save A Dream’ is an unreleased side by the Mystics (Brooklyn).

– ‘The Party Starts At Nine,’ originally released in 1963 on Red Bird 10-033, is by the Trade Winds.

– ‘Hold Me Tight’ was credited in 1964 to the Treasures (ft Pete Anders) on Shirley 500.

– We Belong Together (A6 (2:10) and It’s All Over A7 (2:05)) is like by the Chimes.  To further the error, the Collectibles CD (The Chimes Meet The Videls) also credits The Videls (#17 (2:20) and #16 (2.39) with the time difference suggesting a different version than Musicnote or Magic Carpet.)

– See following entry: Videls likely CHIMES for more details about A6 and A7.


Videls (RI) likely CHIMES – We Belong Together (2:10)/ It’s All Over (2:05), ’63 (Musicnote 117) (Although label credits ‘Videls’ sources say the group is the Chimes.  The Videls say it is not them.  



Videls (Black Group-Cincinnati OH) – I Wish/ Blow Winds Blow, ’60 (Early 702 & Dusty Disc 473, ‘64)



Vi Dels (White Vocal Group-Upstate New York) – Walking Down The Street/ Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, ’64 (Fargo 1062) (See comment for b-side scan link.)


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