Victorians Groups

Four Fellows (Bed-Stuy-Brooklyn) as Victorians

– Heartbreaking Moon/ I’m Rollin’, ’56 (Saxony 103)

– Wedding Bells/ Please Say You Do, ’56 (Selma 1002)



Victorians (Hollywood Label)

– Climb Every Mountain/ What Makes Little Girls Cry, ’63 (Liberty 55574)

– You’re Invited To A Party/ Monkey Stroll, ’63 (Liberty 55656)

– Happy Birthday Blue/ Oh What A Night For Love, ’64 (Liberty 55693)

– If I Loved You/ Monkey Stroll, ’64 (Liberty 55728)



Victorians (Philadelphia) – C’mon Dream/ Catrina, ’60 (Hercules 101) (Jamie/Guyden distribution.)



Victorians (Nick Massi-Producer) – Baby Toys/ I Saw My Girl, ’65 (Reprise 0434) (The Four Seasons rehearsed Baby Toys but did not record it.)



Victorians (NY Label) – Move In A Little Closer/ Lovin’, ’68 (Arnold J 571)


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