Viceroys & Vice-Roys Groups

Vice-Roys Groups


Vice-Roys (Aladdin) – Please, Baby, Please/ I’m Yours As Long As I Live, ’55 (Aladdin 3273)


Vice-Roys (Phoenix Az) (w Mike Metko Combo) – My Heart/ I Need Your Love So Bad, ’62 (Ramco 3715)


Vice-Roys/ Viceroys Group


as Viceroys – Moasin’ {I}/ Seagrams {I}, ’62 (Bethlehem 3045)

as Viceroys – Moasin’ {I}/ Seagreen (Formerly Called Seagrams) {I}, ’63 (Bethlehem 3045)


as Vice-Roys

– Buzz-Bomb {I}/ Joshin’ {I}, ’63 (Bethlehem 3070)

– Buzz-Bomb {I}/ The Fox {I}, ’63 (Bethlehem 3070)


as Vice-Roys – Not Too Much Twist – Not Too Much Shout/ Tears On My Pillow, ’64 (Bethlehem 3088)


Note:  Sources locate group in Chicago.


Viceroys Groups


Viceroys (Hollywood CA Label)

– Uncle Sam Needs You/ I’m So Sorry (It’s Ending With You), ’61 (Little Star 107 & Smash 1716)

– Dreamy Eyes/ Ball N’ Chain, ’61 (Original Sound 15)


as Jimmy Norman – I Know I’m In Love, ’62 (Little Star 121)

Viceroys (Hollywood CA Label) (Jimmy Norman & The) – You Crack Me Up, ’62 (Little Star 121)


Viceroys (Seattle)

– Until/ Bacon Fat, ’63 (Seafair-Bolo 750)

– Earth Angel/ Death Of An Angel, ’64 (Imperial 66058)


Note: There were several releases by the group not included in the book. for more about them.


8 thoughts on “Viceroys & Vice-Roys Groups

  1. The Arizona-based Viceroys on Ramco are actually spelled Vice-Roys.

    Label scans:

    Further info:

  2. Mike Metko was a very good friend of mine while I lived in Phoenix. I met him actually when he took-up running marathons and 10K road running. After knowing Mike this way, I would go to where ever he was palying his sax in a band out and about the Phoenix area. He use to tell me about his days of playing at JD’s and Mr. Lucky’s. The last time I remember seeing him play was at a place in Glendale, AZ – called Mr. Nice And Nasty’s. He died of Cancer in the mid-90’s. The last time I talked to Mike was on the phone – when he was working for the City of Phoenix as a purchasing agent. Larry

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