Vibra-Harps & Vibraharps

Vibra-Harps (R&B Group) – The Only Love Of Mine/ Be My Dancing Pardner [sic], ’59 (Fury 1022)



Vibraharps (Buffalo NY) (ft Charles Hargro) – Walk Beside Me, ’58 (Beech 713)

Vibraharps (Buffalo NY)  – Cosy With Rosy, ’58 (Beech 713)


Vibraharps (Buffalo NY) – It Must Be Magic/ Nosey Neighbors, ’59 (Atco 6134)



Vibraharps (Orangeburg NY) (ref Citadels) (Two former Citadels members form the Vibraharps.)

– I Hear Bells, ’66 (Relic LP 108 A5)

– A Friend, ’66 (Relic LP 108 A9)

– Secret Love, ’66 (Relic LP 108 B3)

– Talking To My Heart, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B10)


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