Vibes Groups

Vibranaires as The Vibes (Formerly The Vibranaires) – Stop Torturing Me!/ Stop Jibing [sic], Baby, ’54 (After Hours 105 & Chariot 105) (No scans for After Hours 105.)



Vibes (ABC Group) – Come Back, Baby/ Darling, ’57 (ABC-Paramount 9810)



Jayhawks (LA) as Vibes

– What’s Her Name/ You Are, ’58 (Allied 10006)

– Misunderstood/ Let The Old Folks Talk, ’59 (Allied 10007)



Vibes (NY Male Group) – A Killer Came To Town/ You Got Me Crying, ’62 (Rayna 103)

(The book did not date.  Youtube and another source date as 1962.  A commenter on the video says his dad (Donald Singleton) wrote the song and was lead.  The played song was You Got Me Crying with label writing credits as Carl Childs.  Can anyone confirm date, lead, writer?)



Vibes (Wheel Label Group)

– Cool Baby, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (A5))

– Won’t You Marry Me, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (B1))

– In The Middle Of The Night, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (B5))

– Love Me Too, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (B7))


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