Vibes Groups

Vibranaires as The Vibes (Formerly The Vibranaires) – Stop Torturing Me!/ Stop Jibing [sic], Baby, ’54 (After Hours 105 & Chariot 105)

  • No scans for After Hours 105.


Vibes (ABC Group) – Come Back, Baby/ Darling, ’57 (ABC-Paramount 9810)

  • Writing credits on both sides:  Draper. 


Jayhawks (LA) as Vibes

– What’s Her Name/ You Are, ’58 (Allied 10006)

  • Writing credits: The Vibes.

– Let The Old Folks Talk/ Misunderstood, ’59 (Allied 10007)

  • Writing credits: Knight-J Tebbetts/ C Tebbetts- Wellins.


Vibes (NY Male Group) – A Killer Came To Town/ You Got Me Crying, ’62 (Rayna 103)

  • The book dated N/A.  Other sources date as 1962.
  • Writing credits on both sides: Carl Childs.
  • As/, the group is not connected to the Vibes (Allied) or the Vibes (After Hours).


Vibes (Wheel Label Group)

– Cool Baby, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (A5))

– Won’t You Marry Me, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (B1))

– In The Middle Of The Night, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (B5))

– Love Me Too, ’87 (Relic LP 8011 (Wheel 8011-Cruisin’ The Drag (B7))