Versatones Groups

Versatones (Trio) – 1957 RCA EPA 1538

Side 1: Bikini Baby!/ Lovely Teenage Girl (Lovely Hula Girl)

Side 2: All Around The Bush/ Where Should I Begin.


Versatones (Trio) – 1957 RCA LPM 1538

Side 1: Bikini Baby!, The Sun Hasn’t Shone, Hawaiian War Chant, Lovely Teenage Girl (Lovely Hula Girl), Wagon Wheels, Rock And Roll My Blues Away.

Side 2: A Light Will Shine/ All Around The Bush, Where Should I Begin, Ninety-Nine Percent Won’t Do, Don’t Darling Don’t, Just Can’t Hate For Lovin’ You.


Versatones (Trio)

– Wait For Me-Folk Calypso/ De Obeah Man, ’57 (RCA 6917)

– Bikini Baby/ Lovely Teenage Girl (Lovely Hula Girl), ’57 (RCA 6976)


Note:  The group members, John Greenwood, Herbert Stubbs and Ronald Chapman, were former members of the De Paur Infantry Chorus.


Versatones (Harlem NY) – Bila/ Tight Skirt And Sweater, ’58 (All Star 501, Atlantic 2211, ’63 & Lost-Nite LN 115)

  • The book did not include the Lost-Nite release.
    • The ‘Harlem Versatones’ on Lost-Nite LP 115 should not be confused with the ‘Playboys-connected Versatones’ on Lost-Nite 1002.


Versatones (Harlem NY) – Bila/ Tight Skirt, ’60 (Fenway 7001)


Good information about these titles @


Note:  This group was not part of the De Paur Chorus.


Versatones (Wilmington DE?) – Will She Return/ Hold Me Lover, ’63 (Richie 4081)

  • Book included as part of the RCA group


Note:  Comments on youtube have potential group location.  See  


Playboys (Connecticut) as Versatones – So Good/ One Question, ’68 (Lost-Nite 1002)


3 thoughts on “Versatones Groups

  1. Hi I read on line, that label,held back versa tones
    Version,and put out playboys instead?.
    I read, it was reissued on lost nite 1968
    And group changed their name?.
    Do you know names of group members?.
    Thanks! For your time!.
    Tommy Shaughnessy

  2. Hi
    Re play boys n versa tones
    You can hear go to
    Both sing one question
    Playboys sing flip as well so good
    I couldn’t hear it by versa tones on lost nite.
    Tommy Shaughnessy

    • Thanks for your comment. As yet, group members are unknown. Without supporting documentation, I cannot comment on the online speculation about the order of the groups and who did what when.

      To your points, the Playboys, formerly the Shades, recorded ‘So Good’ for Standord. It was unreleased and can be heard @ It is a different version than the release by the Playboys on Tetra 4447. On the Playboys post, a link is provided to Discogs @

      I have not heard a specific release for ‘So Good’ by the Versatones on Lost-Nite 1002 or know if it is different from either the Playboys or Shades versions. The label scans credit the group as the Versatones on ‘So Good’ and ‘One Question.’

      For clarification on the Versatones groups, I have added additional links to support my findings.

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