Versatones Groups

Versatones (Trio) (gm John Greenwood, Herbert Stubbs and Ronald Chapman were former members of the De Paur Infantry Chorus.)


Versatones (Trio) – 1957 RCA EPA 1538

Side 1: Bikini Baby!/ Lovely Teenage Girl (Lovely Hula Girl)

Side 2: All Around The Bush/ Where Should I Begin.


Versatons (Trio) – 1957 RCA LPM 1538

Side 1: Bikini Baby!, The Sun Hasn’t Shone, Hawaiian War Chant, Lovely Teenage Girl (Lovely Hula Girl), Wagon Wheels, Rock And Roll My Blues Away.

Side 2: A Light Will Shine/ All Around The Bush, Where Should I Begin, Ninety-Nine Percent Won’t Do, Don’t Darling Don’t, Just Can’t Hate For Lovin’ You.


Versatones (Trio)

– Wait For Me-Folk Calypso/ De Obeah Man, ’57 (RCA 6917)

– Bikini Baby/ Lovely Teenage Girl (Lovely Hula Girl), ’57 (RCA 6976)



Versatones (Harlem NY) – Bila/ Tight Skirt And Sweater, ’58 (All Star 501 & Atlantic 2211, ’63) (This group was not part of the De Paur Chorus.)

Versatones (Harlem NY) – Bila/ Tight Skirt, ’60 (Fenway 7001)



Versatones (Unknown Group) – Hold Me Lover/ Will She Return, ’63 (Richie 4081)



Playboys (Connecticut) as Versatones – So Good/ One Question, ’68 (Lost-Nite 1002)


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