Versatiles Groups

Versatiles (ref Kripp Johnson)


Versatiles (Sonny Day & The) – Speedillac/ Half Moon, ’58 (Checker 886)


Versatiles (Jerry Sheely & The) – Love Only Me/ It’s All Over, ’57 (Star 220)


as Chuck Jackson – Willete, ’59 (Petite 502)

as Charles Jackson & Kripp Johnson’s Versatiles – Cold Feet, ’59 (Petite 502)

  • An alternate flip to ‘Willete’ is ‘A Little Man Cried’ credited as Charles Jackson.
    • Scan found.


as Charles Jackson & Kripp Johnson’s Versatiles – Cold Feet/ Watching The Moon, ’59 (Petite 503-unreleased)

  • Both sides are released on other labels with different artists accreditation.


Versatiles (The Other Groups)


Versatiles (Vocal Quartet) – Crying/ Passing By, ’58 (Atlantic 2004)

  • Writing credits: James Stanfield.

Versatiles (Vocal Quartet) – Just Words/ The White Cliffs Of Dover, ’62 (Peacock 1910)

  • A-side writing credits: Stanfield, Sands, Brown.


Versatiles (Coaster) (Dee Thomas & The) – In The Garden Of Love/ Don’t Know Where I’m Going, ’60 (Coaster 800)


Majors (Philadelphia) previously as The Versatiles – Lundee Dundee/ Whisper In Your Ear, ’60 (Ro-Cal 1002)


Note:  See here for more about the group.


Versatiles (Elmor) (Tootsie & The) – I’ve Got A Feeling/ Nobody But You, ’62 (Elmor 6000)

  • Writing credits:  Heard.
  • Book listed as ‘Elmar.’


Versatiles (Phoenix AZ) (w The Mike Metko Combo) – Blue Feelin’/ Just Pretending, ’62 (Ramco 3717)

Versatiles (Phoenix AZ) (w The Mike Metko Combo) – Blue Feelin [sic]/ Just Pretending, ’77 (Marie 101)


Versatiles (Phoenix AZ) (ft Tyrone Bean) – My Autumn Love/ Heel & Toe, ’75 (Monogram 114)


Versatiles (Seattle WA) – Lonely Boy/ Moon Dawg, ’64 (Sea Crest 6001)

  • Galen Walley-Composer.


Versatiles (Northwest) – Seven Steps To Love/ Easy To Say, ’67 (Rich Tone 1863/4)

  • Galen Walley-Composer.
  • No scans found and I’ve not heard either side.


Versatiles (Indiana-Chicago Soul) – Cry Like A Baby/ Lonely Man, ‘67 (Staff 210)


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