Versalettes Group


– True Love Is A Treasure/ Shining Armor, ’63 (Witch 116)

– Don Juan In Town, ’63 (Witch 120-Promo) (Same song both sides.)

Also recorded (Lover Made To Order/ So Glad Your Love Don’t Change) as The Little Foxes on Okeh 7312 in 1968.


It has become apparent the Contessas (neither group) and the Trinkets (neither group) are NOT associated with the Versalettes.  Tracing the youtube posts on disconnects the ‘common facts’ from the wrongly associated groups with the Versalettes., supports this information with gms listed as Theresa (Legg), Vera (Regulus), Vi (Franks) & Kat (Spates).


The following groups, commonly linked to the Versalettes fall into the NOT category:

Contessas (Chicago) – Hard Guy To Please/ Boy Of My Heart, ’63 (Witch 113) (No b-side scan.  Writing credits on a-side are ‘Gregory.’  Unknown group members.)

Trinkets (Chicago) – Fisherman/ Nobody But You, ’63 (Cortland 111) (Writing credits are: Catron, Erman & Jenkins.)


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