Velvetones Groups

Velvetones (Calif)

– Glory Of Love/ I Love Her So, ’57 (Aladdin 3372)

– Melody Of Love (Why Do I Love You)/ I Found My Love, ’57 (Aladdin 3391)

– My Every Thought/ Little Girl, I Love You So, ’60 (Aladdin 3463) (No b-side scan.)

– The Glory Of Love/ I Love Her So, ’62 (Imperial 5878)

– The Glory Of Love/ I Found My Love, ’64 (Imperial 66020)


Velvetones (Calif) as Velvitones – Little Girl I Love You So/ A Prayer At Gettysburg, ’59 (Milmart 113) (Velvetones was misspelled due to a label typo.)


(As/rateyourmusic, gms are: Eddie Lewis (lead tenor vocals), Bryant Whitfield, Vernon Garrett, Tommy “Buster” Williams.)



Velvetones (Bingo Miller & The) – Martha Sue/ I Know A Valley, ’58 (Young Artists 103)



Velvetones (NY Label) – Who Took My Girl/ Stars Of Wonder, ’59 (Deb 1008)



Saucers as Velvetones (Dallas) (The Saucers/Velvetones were five 15-16-year-old boys from Texas.  They recorded in 1958-1959.)

Velvetones (Dallas) – Come Back/ Penalty Of Love, ’59 (D 1049 & Glad)

Velvetones (Dallas) (w Tommy Hudson & The Savoys) – Worried Over You/ Space Men, ’59 (D 1072)



Velvetones (NY) (Female)

– Yes I Will/ I Want Him So Bad, ’62 (Ascot 2117)

– Starry Eyes/ I’m Ashamed, ’63 (Ascot 2126) (No scans found.)



Velvetones (Hollywood CA) (Vocal Al Goulding) – Reaching For A Rainbow/ In This Whole Wide World (Vanda 0001)

(The label scan lists gms as: Al Goulding (Vibes), Marc Foorman (Piano), Jimmy Coffin (Drums) and Russ Latham (Bass).



as Lee Martin (w The Velvet Tones) – Lover’s Plea, ’62 (Jin 159)

as Lee Martin (w The Velvet Tones and Blue Belles) – Born To Be A Loser, ’62 (Jin 159)


as Lee Martin & The Velvet Tones – Sixty-More Or More/ Lonely Hearts Club (Jin 167) (Release is posted for interest only.  A-side was also seen titled as Sixty-Four Or More.  No scans were found.)


previously as Lee Martin & The Vikings – I Lost Again/ Change Of Heart, ’61 (Jin 149)



Velvet-Tones as Gene And Gare (w The Velvet-Tones) (Nashville) – Good Lovin’/ Heart Breakin’ Misery, ’65 (Velvet Tone 104)


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