Velvet Angels

Velvet Angels (Singles)

– I’m In Love/ Let Me Come Back, ’64 (Medieval 201)

– Since You’ve Been Gone/ Baby I Wanna Know, ’64 (Medieval 207)


– I’m In Love, ’65 (Co-Op M 201A)

– Baby I Wanna Know, ’65 (Co-Op M 207B)

Note:  Book listed both sides as #201.


– Johnny Johnny/ It’s Too Soon To Know, ’77 (Robin Hood 153)


Velvet Angels (Relic Album Releases) (Listed titles are by the Velvet Angels.)


Relic LP 101 (Various Artists)

– Blue Moon, ’65 (Relic LP 101 A06)

Fools Rush In, ’65 (Relic LP 101 B03)

  • Also on Side 1-6/ Fortune LP 8016/ Nolan Strong & The Diablos.

– I’m In Love, ’65 (Relic LP 101 B05)


Relic LP 102 (Various Artists)

– Lola (aka Take A Tip, La La La), ’65 (Relic LP 102 A03)


Relic LP 108 (Various Artists)

– Since You’ve Been Gone, ’66 (Relic LP 108 A10)

– Be Ever Wonderful, ’66 (Relic LP 108 B05)


Relic LP 109 (Various Artists)

– I’m In Love, ’66 (Relic LP 109 A03)

– It’s Too Soon To Know, ’66 (Relic LP 109 A08)

– Johnny Johnny, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B07)


Relic LP 5004 (Acappella Showcase presents The Velvet Angels) (1972)

  • The book, omitting some tracks, listed the others in no particular order.
  • Back cover shows Side A (The Studio) below Side B (The Hotel).
  • Center label scans found are titled as (The Hotel) and (The Studio) without distinguishing Side A/B.


Side A (The Studio)

– I’m In Love (Relic LP 5004 A01)

– Jungle Fever (Relic LP 5004 A02)

– Mary (Relic LP 5004 A03)

Old McDonald (Relic LP 5004 A04)

  • Also on Side 1-5/ Fortune LP 8016/ Nolan Strong & The Diablos.

– Johnny Johnny (Relic LP 5004 A05)

– Lola (aka Take A Tip, La La La) (Relic LP 5004 A06)

– It’s Too Soon To Know (Relic LP 5004 A07)


Side B (The Hotel)

– For Sentimental Reasons (Relic LP 5004 B01)

– Mary (Let It All Out), (Relic LP 5004 B02)

– I Want To Know, Baby (Relic LP 5004 B03)

– Your Love (Relic LP 5004 B04)

– Let Me Come Back (Relic LP 5004 B05)

– Be Ever Wonderful (Relic LP 5004 B06)

– Since You’ve Been Gone (Relic LP 5004 B07)

– When You’re Smiling (Relic LP 5004 B08)


Relic CD 7067 (I’m In Love) (Velvet Angels) (1994)

  • The release is not included in the book and posted for information only.


Tracks:  I’m In Love, Blue Moon, Let Me Come Back, Johnny Johnny, Be Ever Wonderful, For Sentimental Reasons, Jungle Fever, Since You’ve Been Gone, Your Love, Old MacDonald [sic], Fools Rush In, Baby I Wanna Know, Mary, Johnny Hohnny [sic], Let Me Come Back, Lola, I’m In Love, It’s Too Soon To Know, When You’re Smiling.


Reference to ( when using this compiled discography is appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Velvet Angels

    • Even though the linked page includes, among other artists, this stand-alone listing without documentation or reference sourcing, the source is likely correct.

      The book mis-numbered the Co-Op entries but did list them as one release. There is a scan for ‘Baby I Wanna Know’ which uses the same # as the Medieval release. I have not seen a scan for the a-side, but credible sources indicate it, too, uses its Medieval # counterpart.

      It seems probable that Co-Op pressed this one release and used the Medieval number-pairing for each side. See post for updated info.

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