Velvet Angels

Velvet Angels (Singles)

– I’m In Love/ Let Me Come Back, ’64 (Medieval 201)

– Since You’ve Been Gone/ Baby I Wanna Know, ’64 (Medieval 207)


– I’m In Love, ’65 (Co-Op M 201) (Book listed as Co-Op 201.) (Scan needed.)

– Baby I Wanna Know, ’65 (Co-Op M 207B) (Book listed as Co-Op 201.  Scans are as #207.)

(These sides are likely on the same Co-Op release.)


– Johnny Johnny/ It’s Too Soon To Know, ’77 (Robin Hood 153)



Velvet Angels (Relic Album Releases) (Listed titles are by the Velvet Angels.)


Relic LP 101 (Various Artists)

– Blue Moon, ’65 (Relic LP 101 A06)

– Fools Rush In, ’65 (Relic LP 101 B03) (Also on Side 1-6/Fortune LP 8016/Nolan Strong & The Diablos)

– I’m In Love, ’65 (Relic LP 101 B05)


Relic LP 102 (Various Artists)

– Lola (aka Take A Tip, La La La), ’65 (Relic LP 102 A03)


Relic LP 108 (Various Artists)

– Since You’ve Been Gone, ’66 (Relic LP 108 A10)

– Be Ever Wonderful, ’66 (Relic LP 108 B05)


Relic LP 109 (Various Artists)

– I’m In Love, ’66 (Relic LP 109 A03)

– It’s Too Soon To Know, ’66 (Relic LP 109 A08)

– Johnny Johnny, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B07)



Relic LP 5004 (Acappella Showcase presents The Velvet Angels) (1972) (The book, omitting some tracks, listed the others in no particular order.  Back jacket shows Side A (The Studio) below Side B (The Hotel).  Center label scans found are titled as (The Hotel) and (The Studio) without distinguishing Side A/B.)


Side A (The Studio)

– I’m In Love (Relic LP 5004 A01)

– Jungle Fever (Relic LP 5004 A02)

– Mary (Relic LP 5004 A03)

– Old McDonald (Relic LP 5004 A04) (Also on Side 1-5/Fortune LP 8016/Nolan Strong & The Diablos)

– Johnny Johnny (Relic LP 5004 A05)

– Lola (aka Take A Tip, La La La) (Relic LP 5004 A06)

– It’s Too Soon To Know (Relic LP 5004 A07)


Side B (The Hotel)

– For Sentimental Reasons (Relic LP 5004 B01)

– Mary (Let It All Out), (Relic LP 5004 B02)

– I Want To Know, Baby (Relic LP 5004 B03)

– Your Love (Relic LP 5004 B04)

– Let Me Come Back (Relic LP 5004 B05)

– Be Ever Wonderful (Relic LP 5004 B06)

– Since You’ve Been Gone (Relic LP 5004 B07)

– When You’re Smiling (Relic LP 5004 B08)



Relic CD 7067 (I’m In Love) (Velvet Angels) (1994) (The release is not included in the book and posted for information only.)

Tracks:  I’m In Love, Blue Moon, Let Me Come Back, Johnny Johnny, Be Ever Wonderful, For Sentimental Reasons, Jungle Fever, Since You’ve Been Gone, Your Love, Old MacDonald [sic], Fools Rush In, Baby I Wanna Know, Mary, Johnny Hohnny [sic], Let Me Come Back, Lola, I’m In Love, It’s Too Soon To Know, When You’re Smiling.


Reference to ( when using this compiled discography is appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Velvet Angels

    • Even though the linked page includes, among other artists, this stand-alone listing without documentation or reference sourcing, the source is likely correct.

      The book mis-numbered the Co-Op entries but did list them as one release. There is a scan for ‘Baby I Wanna Know’ which uses the same # as the Medieval release. I have not seen a scan for the a-side, but credible sources indicate it, too, uses its Medieval # counterpart.

      It seems probable that Co-Op pressed this one release and used the Medieval number-pairing for each side. See post for updated info.

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