Veltones, Vel-Tones & Vel Tones

Veltones (Memphis) – Someday/ Fool In Love, ’59 (Satellite 100 & Mercury 71526)



Veltones (NYC) (w Rhythm Accompaniment) – Now/ I Need You So, ’60 (Lost Nite 103) (Lost Nite was released first.)


Veltones (NYC) as Vel-Tones (Acc Al Brown & His Band) – Now/ I Need You So, ’61 (Zara 901)


Veltones (NYC) – A Fool Was I (previously unreleased), ’94 (Collectables LP 5037 (1-7)) (LP was compiled from Collectables and Lost Nite singles.)



Veltones (Serafin Sandoval & The) – Hay Baby [sic]/ I’ll Be, ’60 (Del Norte 725) (Book listed as Vel-Tones.)



Veltones (Baltimore) – I Want To Know/ My Dear, ’64 (Wedge 1013) (Book listed as Vel-Tones.)


Vel-Tones (Louisiana) (Red Smiley & The) (ft Clint West) – Take A Ride/ Lover Blues, ’59 (Jin 107)


Vel-Tones (Louisiana) (Red Smiley & The) – I’m Your Fool/ Jailbird, ’59 (Jin 115) (Book listed as Veltones.)



Vel-Tones (Niagara Falls) (w Music by The Blue Shields) – Playboy/ Cal’s Tune, ’59 (Coy 101) (Book listed as Veltones.)


Vel-Tones (Niagara Falls) – Playboy/ Cal’s Tune (Different Take), ’59 (Kapp 268)


Vel-Tones (Niagara Falls) as Firesiders – (I’ll Remember) One And All/ No One Cares For Me, ’61 (Swan 4074)



Vel-Tones (Black Male Group) – Broken Heart/ Please Say You’ll Be True, ’60 (Vel 9178 (re-issue)) (Originally released in 1958.)


Vel Tones (Memphis Label) – Darling/ I Do, ’66 (Goldwax 301)


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