Vel-Aires (Los Angeles) & Related Groups

as Bel-Aires (Los Angeles)

– Let’s Party Awhile/ This Paradise, ’55 (Flip 303-First Pressing)

– This Is Goodbye/ White Port & Lemon Juice, ’55 (Flip 304)


Vel-Aires (Donald Woods & The) – Let’s Party Awhile/ This Paradise, ’55 (Flip 303-Second Pressing)


Vel-Aires (Donald Woods & The)

– Man From Utopia/ Death Of An Angel, ’55 (Flip 306)

Death Of An Angel/ Mighty Joe (2.53), ’55 (Flip 306)

  • Mighty Joe’ on #312 (2.40) featuring Ira Foley is not the same song.

– My Baby’s Gone (Death Of An Angel)/ Man From Utopia, ’55 (Flip 306)

– Man From Utopia/ Death Of An Angel, ’72? (Happy Tiger ‘Era’ HTE 5065.)

  • Scans found.


Vel-Aires (Donald Woods & The) (ft Randolph Bryant) – Stay With Me Always, ’55 (Flip 309)

Vel-Aires (Donald Woods & The) – My Very Own, ’55 (Flip 309)


Vel-Aires (Donald Woods & The) (ft Ira Foley) – Mighty Joe (2.40), ’56 (Flip 312)

Vel-Aires (Donald Woods & The) – Heaven In My Arms, ’56 (Flip 312)


Vel-Aires (Donald Woods & The) – You Won’t Be Satisfied (Flip)

  • No info found.


as Rhythm Masters (with Darryl Perrault) – Baby We Two/ Patricia, ’56 (Flip 314)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg’s Medallions article, ‘Baby We Two’ & ‘Patricia’ was the final Vel-Aires record.
  • No scans found.


2 thoughts on “Vel-Aires (Los Angeles) & Related Groups

  1. Hi, regarding Death Of An Angel/ Man From Utopia
    can you tell me which is first issue label, Flip 306 or Happy Tiger Era 5065, I’ve been looking for the 45 release on HTE 5065, I was told maybe that was a small local label 1st release and Flip 306, the second issue,
    It seems to be much harder to find on HAPPY TIGER ERA.
    Can you shed any light on this.

    All the best,


    • ‘Flip’ # 306 is the first release for ‘My Baby’s Gone (Death Of An Angel)/ Man From Utopia.’ Another #306 pressing of interest is ‘Mighty Joe’ as the flip, a different song on #312 featuring Ira Foley.

      In short, the California HTE label did not form until 1969 and closed in the early 70s. Under the Happy Tiger label, there were a number of releases as HT. When Happy Tiger distributed for Era records, the numbers sequence changed to HTE and the labels reflects that HTE is the distributor for Era (Golden Era Series). There are various label constructions.

      To show a brief history of the HT and HTE label (with some scans), these sites might be helpful:, and The controversial A-side titles (with scans) is covered on

      The post has been updated to include the info your questions generated. Thanks for your comment.

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