Valiants Groups (Various)

Valiants (Alabama) – Wedding Bells/ Velma, ’58 (Speck 1001)


Valiants (NY Label) (w Sandy Vale) – Boppin’ On The Beach/ Suntan Tattoo, ’59 (Decca 30941)


Valiants (Joe Van Loan Group) – Let Me Ride/ Let Me Go, Lover, ’59 (Joy 235)


Valiants (Norman (Arab) Sands & The) – Don’t Wanna Leave The Congo/ Rockin’ With Joe, ’60 (Warwick 598)


Valiants (Atlanta Label) – See-Saw/ Blue Jeans And Pony-Tail, ’61 (Fairlane 21007)


Valiants (NY Group) (Both labels are P Vance connected.  I have not heard the Columbia sides.)

– Honky Tonk Joe/ Calcutta, ’61 (Columbia 41931)

– Frankie’s Angel/ Are You Ready, ’62 (KC 108)


Valiants (LA)

– You Are Sweeter Than Wine/ Love Comes In Many Ways, ’62 (Imperial 5843)

– Living In Paradise/ I’m In A World Of My Own, ’63 (Imperial 5915)


Valiants (NY) – Johnny Lonely/ Eternal Triangle, ’63 (Roulette 4510)


Valiants (Chicago) (ref Phil De Marco) – Lonely Hours/ Come On Let’s Go, ’64 (Cortland 114)

Valiants (Chicago) (Phil De Marco & The) – Lonely Guy/ Be On Your Way, ’64 (Debby 065)


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