Valiants (West LA) & Their Connections

Note:  These groups are referenced together because of a series of connections through group names, members and label changes.  It is noted The Electras recorded under different names.


Sabers (West LA) – Cool, Cool Christmas/ Always Forever, ’55 (Cal-West 847) (As/ b-side lead is Brice Coefield.)



– Valley Of Love/ Red Tape, ’56 (Vita 127)

– Valley Of Love (Fast Version), ’73 (Relic LP 5007 (A-1))

– Red Tape, ’73 (Relic LP 5007 (B-8)

– Valley Of Love (Slow Version), 73 (Relic LP 5007 (B-9))


Valiants (West LA) as The Gents – Happenin’ After School/ My Unfaithful Love, ’57 (Aladdin 3387) (No scans found for Gents.  Book and most discographies list as Gants and no scan was found under this name either.  Other sources credit the group as The Gents with uncertainty that #3387 was released.  This was to be the first release under the Valiants name but was credited instead as The Gents.)



Valiants (West LA)

– This Is The Nite/ Good Golly Miss Molly, ’57 (Keen 3-4004)

– Lover, Lover/ Walkin’ Girl, ’57 (Keen 3-4007)

– Frieda, Frieda/ Please Wait, My Love, ’58 (Keen 3-4026 & Andex 4026, ’59)

– Dear Cindy/ Surprise, ’59 (Shar-Dee 703)

– This Is The Night/ Walkin’ Girl, ’61 (Keen 8-2120) (No scans found.)

– Please Wait, My Love/ Temptation Of My Heart, ’95 (Early Bird 003)


Valiants (West LA) (Billy Storm With The) – We Knew, ’59 (Ensign 4035)

by The Valiants – Walkin’ Girl, ’59 (Ensign 4035)


Valiants (West LA) (Billy Storm & The)

– Temptation Of My Heart, ’61 (Famous LP 504 A2)

– Love Game, ’61 (Famous LP 504 A5)

– We Knew, ’61 (Famous LP 504 B4)

– This Is The Nite/ Good Golly Miss Molly, ’95 (Early Bird 001)



Untouchables (West LA) 

– Poor Boy Needs A Preacher/ New Fad, ’60 (Madison 128)

– Vickie Lee/ Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight, ’60 (Madison 134)

– 60 Minute Man/ Everybody’s Laughing, ’60 (Madison 139)

– Lovely Dee/ You’re On Top, ’61 (Liberty 55335)

– Do Your Best/ Raisin’ Sugar Cane, ’61 (Madison 147)

– (My Baby Loves A) Medicine Man/ Papa, ’62 (Liberty 55423)


Untouchables (West LA) error – Little Mary/ Funny What A Little Kiss Can Do, ’62 (Alan K 6901) (This is a different group than the Valiant-connected Untouchables.  Both titles were released on the same label # asby Little John & The Unforgettables and Untouchables (Brooklyn)



Electras (West LA)

– You Lied/ Ten Steps To Love, ’61 (Infinity 012)

– Boo Babe/ The Stomp, ’62 (Infinity 016)


Electras (West Coast) (ref Valiants) – You Know, ’62 (Cee-Jam 100-first pressing)

Surgeons – Don’t Tell Me, ’62 (Cee-Jam 100-first pressing)


Electras (West LA)

– You Know/ Can’t You See It In My Eyes, ’62 (Lola 100) (Yellow label scan with You Know as the A-side.)

– Boo Babe/ Can’t You See It In My Eyes, ’63 (Lola 100-reissue) (Orange Label scans with Boo Babe as the A-side..)

– Boo Babe/ Can’t You See It In My Eyes, ’63 (Challenge 59245)

– Huff And Puff/ Mary Mary, ’65 (Lola 001) (Not listed in book.)


Electras (West LA) as The Ring A Dings – Snacky Poo/ Snacky Poo Part Two, ’62 (Infinity 014)


Electras (West LA) as The Del Mars – That’s My Desire/ You Know, ’63 (ABC-Paramount 10426)

Electras (West LA) as The DelMars – Snacky Poo-Part 1/ Snacky Poo-Part 2, ’64 (Mercury 72244)


Electras (West LA) as Citations – The Stomp/ Chicago, ’64 (Mercury 72286)


Electras (West LA) as The Freedoms – Ten Steps To Love/ You Lied, ’64 (Constellation 105)


Electras (West LA) (Billy Storm Group) – Little Girl Of Mine/ Mary Mary, ’66 (Ruby-Doo 2)



Alley Cats (West Coast) – Puddin’ N’ Tain (Ask Me Again, I’ll Tell You The Same)/ Feel So Good, ’62 (Philles 108)


Alley Cats (West Coast) error – I Should Have Stayed At Home Tonight/ Lily Of The West, ’65 (Epic 9778) (Book listed as (2) group.  This is a white group with a Garage/Psych sound.)



Happy Tones – Summertime Nights/ Papa Shame, ’63 (Colpix 693)


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