Uptones & Related Groups

Uptones (Los Angeles)

– No More/ I’ll Be There, ’62 (Lute 6225)

– Be Mine/ Dreamin’, ’62 (Lute 6229)

– Wear My Ring/ Dreaming, ’63 (Watt’s 1080 & Magnum 714)

– Wear My Ring (2:46)/ Taken For A Ride (2:31), ‘68 (Watt’s 901)

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credited as Bobby St. James – The Sun Don’t Shine (Every Day) (2:31)/ I’ve Been Taken For A Ride (2:38), ‘68 (Watt’s 901)

  • Writing credits on both sides: James Wright.
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Saints (Los Angeles) – The Sun Don’t Shine (Everyday) (2:50)/ I’ve Been Taken For A Ride (2:43)/, ’67 (Stardom 1-2)

Saints (Los Angeles) – I’ve Been Taken For A Ride (2:47)/ The Sun Don’t Shine (Everyday) (2:46), ’67 (Kent 480)


Note:  The Swallows/ Guides/ Senders associations with the Uptones are connected through Stan Beverly, Yatsey (Yancey/Yancy) Millsap, through label, song writers and assorted group member assemblages for the various group names.


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