Upstarts & Up Starts Groups

Upstarts (NY) – Feed Me Baby/ Open The Door, Baby, ’54 (Apollo 468)



Upstarts (Nashville Label) (Jerry McCain & The)

– Courtin’ In A Cadillac/ That’s What They Want, ’56 (Excello 2068)

– If It Wasn’t For My Baby/ You Don’t Move Me No More, ’56 (Excello 2079)

– Run Uncle John! Run/ Things Ain’t Right, ’56 (Excello 2081)

– My Next Door Neighbor/ Trying To Please, ’57 (Excello 2103)

– Listen! Young Girls/ Bad Credit, ’57 (Excello 2111)



Upstarts (Funk Group) – Lovely Dream/ Get It Together (Top Ten 7000-2)



Don Dell w The Up Starts (Music by The Citations) – May It Be My Fortune/ Time, ’61 (East Coast 101-102)

Don Dell w The Up Starts (Music by The Dominants) – A Special Love/ (Is There) Someone For Me, ’62 (East Coast 105-106)


Don Dell & The Montereys (Brooklyn) – Honey Doll/ Baby I Don’t Care (Tom-Tom 102)

Don Dell w The Montereys (Brooklyn) – Make Believe Love/ I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, ’62 (Roman 2963)


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