Upfronts Groups

Romans (LA) as Upfronts (Zeke Strong’s Combo) – Benny Lou And The Lion/ It Took Time, ’60 (Lummtone 103)

(The book lists the A-side as Betty Lou but label confirms it is Benny Lou.)


Romans (LA) as Upfronts – Too Far To Turn Around/ Married Jive, ’60 (Lummtone 104)

(The book lists #104 as a Romans-Little Caesar/Upfronts release.  Other sources remain unsure if this is Romans-Little Caesar or the Barry White group.) (Writing credits on a-side-Floyd Bryant.)



Upfronts (Barry White Group)  (The Upfronts name was owned by the label.  A new group was formed with Barry White  when the Romans/Upfronts changed labels.)


Upfronts (ft Fritz Basket) – When You Kiss Me, ’61 (Lummtone 106)

Upfronts – Little Girl, ’61 (Lummtone 106)


Upfronts (Barry White Group)

– Send Me Someone To Love Who Will Love Me/ Baby, For Your Love, ’61 (Lummtone 107)

– I Stopped The Duke Of Earl/ Baby, For Your Love, ’61 (Lummtone 107) (No a-side scan.)

– Baby, For Your Love/ It Took Time (It Took You), ’62 (Lummtone 108)



Upfronts (Unverified Group) – Most Of The Pretty Young Girls/ Do The Beetle, ’64 (Lummtone 114) (This release from 1964 does not appear on Barry White’s discography tho some sellers list it as Upfronts (Barry White.)


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