Uniques Groups

Uniques (South Central US) (gm Earl King)

– Somewhere/ Right Now, ’57 (Peacock 1677)

– Mysterious/ Picture Of My Baby, ’60 (Peacock 1695)

The story on this group of Uniques surrounds Earl King (New Orleans/Crescent City Louisiana) and Don Robey (Duke/Peacock Houston TX label).  Outside of his contract with Ace Records, King recorded for Robey as part of  the five member Uniques group.  Some information says the group was from Milwaukee.  Where were these recordings done?



Uniques (Port Chester New York) – Tell The Angels/ Hey, Little Cupid, ’58 (End 1012) (Although the label says RealGone Music, the sound is different than the Linden NJ group of Uniques.)

As/ youtube.com/watch?v=m2OemQADBAA the gms are Arthur Epps (Lead Tenor), Curtis Smith (First Tenor), Ralph Welch (Second Tenor) and Ben Peterson (Baritone).  Different versions of these titles, plus two others were previously recorded when the group was the Five Thrills,  This group of Five Thrills is not in the book.



Sabby Lewis was a jazz pianist from the Boston area.  Writing credits on both side are J Poirier & D Poirier.  Have not heard either side.

Uniques (Jazz Group) (Sabby Lewis (Piano) & The) – Bwana, ’59 (Gone 5074)

Uniques (Jazz Group) – Sabby, ’59 (Gone 5074) (No artist credited.)



Uniques With The Outlaws (Toledo) – I’ve Got A Secret/ Let Me Weep Let Me Cry, ’59 (C-Way 2676) (Scans Found.)



Uniques (Unknown Male Group) – That’s Love/ I Cross My Fingers, ’59 (World Pacific 808) (Is this the World Pacific as the LA label?)



Uniques (Flippin’ Teens Orch) – Do You Remember/ Come Marry Me, ’59 (Flippin’ 202) (Only Santorelli & Russo of the Five Secrets were part of the Uniques.)



Uniques (Linden NJ)

– I’m So Unhappy/ It’s Got To Come From Your Heart, ’60 (Pride 1018, Pride 4 & Gone 5113, ’61)  (I’m So Unhappy was written by Sam Stray but credit appears as D Pried [sic] on Gone 5113.)

– I’m So Unhappy/ I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You), ’60 (Bliss 1004 & Gone 5113, ’61)

As/Sam Stray youtube comment, gm: Wayne, Ray, Richie & Sammy.  As well as Gone, Pride & Bliss, they also were on the Canadian American label.



Misspelled as Unicques (San Francisco) – Bossa Nova Cha Cha Cha/ Look At Me, ’60 (Mr Cee 100)

Uniques (San Francisco) – Bossa Nova Cha Cha Cha/ Look At Me, ’60 (Mr Cee 100)



Uniques (Chicago) as Euniques

– Cry, Cry, Cry/ Chicken (Yeah), ’61 (620 1006)

– Silvery Moon/ Cry Cry Cry, ’79 (Jason Scott 6) (No scans found.)


Uniques (Chicago)

– Pretty Baby/ Saturday Night Walk, ’61 (620 1003) (Book listed as Euniques with Cry Cry Cry as the flip.  Scans are as ‘Uniques’ with ‘Saturday Night Walk’ as the flip.)

– Chocolate Bar/ Silvery Moon, ’62 (Lucky Four 1024)



Uniques (Brooklyn NY) – A Million Miles Away/ All At Once, ’62 (Tee Kay 112) (Rider Music-A Division of Teekay Music.  A Bill And Marv Production.  From their sound, the group does not appear connected to other Uniques’ groups.)



Uniques (Massachuchettes)

– Merry Christmas Darling (And A Happy New Year (Too))/ Rock’ ‘N’ Rudolph, ’63 (Demand 2936)

– Times Change (But Don’t Change Your Love (For Me))/ Allright, Okay, You Win, ’63 (Demand 2940)



Uniques (Female Lead-BV-Male) – Send Him To Me/ This Little Boy Of Mine, ’63 (Roulette 4528)



Uniques (Los Angeles?) – Blue Skies/ Loving You, ’63 (Capitol 4949)



Uniques (Louisiana) (ft Joe Stampley) – Fast Way Of Living/ Not Too Long Ago, ’65 (Paula 219) (Recorded in Texas?)



Uniques (Brooklyn A Capella Group)

– It Was The Night, ’66 (Relic LP 105 A03)

– Speedoo, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B04

– Señorita, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B10)

– The New Beat, ’66 (Relic LP 108 B06)

– Dance, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B03)



Uniques (Boston) (ft Geo. ‘Dapper’ Cromwell) – Woke Up This Morning/ My Mother’s Eyes, ’64 (Dapper 4401)



Uniques (Clifton Group) – After New Year’s Eve/ Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, ’81 (Clifton 62)


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