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Uniques (South Central US)

– Somewhere/ Right Now, ’57 (Peacock 1677)

– Picture Of My Baby/ Mysterious, ’60 (Peacock 1695)


The story on this group of Uniques surrounds Earl King (New Orleans/Crescent City Louisiana) and Don Robey (Duke/Peacock Houston TX label).

  • Outside of his contract with Ace Records, Earl King recorded for Robey as part of  the five member Uniques group.
  • Recording location may be Chicago.


Uniques (Port Chester New York) – Tell The Angels/ Hey, Little Cupid, ’58 (End 1012)


As/ youtube.com/watch?v=m2OemQADBAA the gms are Arthur Epps (Lead Tenor), Curtis Smith (First Tenor), Ralph Welch (Second Tenor) and Ben Peterson (Baritone).

  • Different versions of these titles, plus two others were previously recorded when the group was the Five Thrills.


Uniques (Jazz Group) (Sabby Lewis (Piano) & The) – Bwana, ’59 (Gone 5074)

Uniques (Jazz Group) – Sabby, ’59 (Gone 5074)


Note:  Sabby Lewis was a jazz pianist from the Boston area.  Writing credits on both side are J Poirier & D Poirier.  Have not heard either side.


Uniques With The Outlaws (Toledo) – I’ve Got A Secret/ Let Me Weep Let Me Cry, ’59 (C-Way 2676)

  • Scans found.


Uniques (Unknown Male Group) – That’s Love/ I Cross My Fingers, ’59 (World Pacific 808)

  • Writing credits: Willie Crowley/ Bernard Chestleigh.


Uniques (Flippin’ Teens Orch) – Do You Remember/ Come Marry Me, ’59 (Flippin’ 202)

  • Only Santorelli & Russo of the Five Secrets were part of the Uniques.


Uniques (Linden NJ)

– I’m So Unhappy/ It’s Got To Come From Your Heart, ’60 (Pride 1018, Pride 4 & Gone 5113, ’61)

  • ‘I’m So Unhappy’ was written by Sam Stray but credit appears as D Pried [sic] on Gone 5113.

– I’m So Unhappy/ I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You), ’60 (Bliss 1004 & Gone 5113, ’61)

  • As/Sam Stray youtube comment, gm: Wayne, Ray, Richie & Sammy.
    • As well as ‘Gone, Pride & Bliss,’ they also were on the ‘Canadian American label.’


Uniques (San Francisco) – Look At Me/ Bossa Nova Cha Cha Cha, ’60 (Mr Cee 100)

  • One pressing misspells group as ‘Unicques.’


Uniques (Chicago)

– Chocolate Bar/ Silvery Moon, ’62 (Lucky Four 1024)

Saturday Night Walk/ Pretty Baby, ’63 (620 1003)

  • The book listed artist as ‘Euniques’ with Cry Cry Cry as the flip.
    • Scans are as ‘Uniques’ with ‘Saturday Night Walk’ as the flip.


as Euniques

– Chicken (yeah)/ Cry, Cry, Cry, ’64 (620 1006)

– Silvery Moon/ Cry Cry Cry, ’79 (Jason Scott 6)

  • No scans found.


as Tides – Bring It Home To Me/ Who Told You, ’64 (620 1007)


Uniques (Brooklyn NY) – A Million Miles Away/ All At Once, ’62 (Tee Kay 112)

  • Rider Music-A Division of Teekay Music.  A Bill And Marv Production.
  • From their sound, the group does not appear connected to other Uniques’ groups.


Uniques (Massachuchettes)

– Merry Christmas Darling (And A Happy New Year (Too))/ Rock’ ‘N’ Rudolph, ’63 (Demand 2936)

– Times Change (But Don’t Change Your Love (For Me))/ Allright, Okay, You Win, ’63 (Demand 2940)


Uniques (Female Lead-BV-Male) – Send Him To Me/ This Little Boy Of Mine, ’63 (Roulette 4528)


Uniques (Capitol) – Blue Skies/ Loving You, ’63 (Capitol 4949)


credited as The Uniques – Fool Number Two, ’64 (Selsom 104)

  • Writing credits: Seldin-Coleman-Trent. 

as ‘The Uniques’ (ft Nickie Addeo) – Over The Rainbow, ’64 (Selsom 104)

Note:  The book listed under the Darchaes group.


Uniques (Louisiana) (ft Joe Stampley) – Fast Way Of Living/ Not Too Long Ago, ’65 (Paula 219)

  • Recorded in Texas?


Uniques (Brooklyn A Capella Group)

– It Was The Night, ’66 (Relic LP 105 A03)

– Speedoo, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B04

– Señorita, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B10)

– The New Beat, ’66 (Relic LP 108 B06)

– Dance, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B03)


Uniques (Boston) (ft Geo. ‘Dapper’ Cromwell) – Woke Up This Morning/ My Mother’s Eyes, ’64 (Dapper 4401)

  • The book dated N/A.


Uniques (Clifton Group) – After New Year’s Eve/ Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, ’81 (Clifton 62)


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