Twi-Lites & Twilights

Twi-Lites (Chicago) – Just Can’t Let Her Go, ’58 (Spenada 101) (Google Books info: Louis Pritchett, Waymon Bryant, Matthew Perkins and Calvin Baron formed the Twi-Lites.  No information was found for the Spenada release.  There are label scans as the ‘Twi-Lites’ for My Love/No Greater Thing on M-Pac #7205.)



Twilights (NY) (James Carter & The) – Wild Hog, ’56 (Tuxedo 917)

as James Carter – I’m Falling For You, ’56 (Tuxedo 917)


Twilights (NY) (James Carter & The) – Wild Hog Baby, ’59 (Tuxedo 932)

as James Carter – Get Hep Little Girl, ’59 (Tuxedo 932)


Twilights (NY) as Phyllis Branch & The Twilights – Calypso Fever, ’57 (Tuxedo 919)

Twilights (NY) as Phyllis Branch (w Alberto Soccarras Orch) – Babalu, ’57 (Tuxedo 919)



Phil Phillips (With The Twilights) (Louisiana) – Sea Of Love/ Juella, ’59 (Khoury’s 711 & Mercury 71465)


Phil Phillips (w The Twilights & Cupcakes) (Louisiana) – Take This Heart/ Verdie Mae, ’59 (Mercury 71531)



Embers (Brooklyn) previously Twilights  – Oh Baby Love/ My Heart Belongs To Only You, ’59 (Finesse 1717)



Twilights (Brooklyn-NY) (ft Tony Richards) (ref Tony Passalacqua) – Please Believe In Me/ Paper Boy, ’60 (Colpix 178)


Twilights (Brooklyn-NY) as Tony Richards – The Summer Is Comin’/ Shout My Name ’61 (Colpix 199) (No group is credited.)



Twilights (Philadelphia) (Teddy & The) – Woman Is A Man’s Best Friend/ Goodbye To Love, ’62 (Swan 4102)


as Tiffanys (w Frank Slay & His Orch) – The Pleasure Of Love/ Atlanta, ’62 (Swan 4104)


Twilights (Philadelphia) (Teddy & The)

– You Gotta Be Alone To Cry/ Running Around Town, ’62 (Swan 4115)

– I’m Just Your Clown/ Bimini Bimbo (Doin’ The Limbo), ’62 (Swan 4126)


With Fred Cohen replacing Sam Connors as lead singer, the Buddies had a style change and recorded as Teddy & The Twilights and the Tiffanys.  They were the BB group for a number of Swan groups listed on, then use search for their article on Teddy & The Twilights or use the link in comment below.




Twilights (New Jersey Label) – Bohemian/ Little Richard, ’63 (6 Star 1001-1002)



as Helen Simon – Living Letter, ’63 (Felice 713) (No scan found.)

Twilights (Broadway NYC) – Believe It Or Not, ’63 (Felice 713)… has b-side scan.  The a-side listing is for Helen Simon.



Twilights (Detroit) (Released on the Harthon label in the Philadelphia area.)

– It’s Been So Long/ She’s Gonna Put Me Down, ’64 (Harthon 134)

– Shipwreck/ For The First Time, ’64 (Harthon 135 & Parkway 128, ’67)



Twilights (NY Label) – I Think I’m Going To Fall In Love With You/ I Have The Right, ’65 (Select 742)



Twilight Records (ft The Twilights) (San Jose) – It Couldn’t Be True/ Sum’pin Else, ’67 (Twilight 1028) (Four Juvenile boys 10-12 years old-Chuck (12), Jeff (10), Dave (12) & Jerry (12))



Twylights – Darling Lets [sic] Fall In Love/ I’m Gonna Try, ’61 (Rock’N Records 102)


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