Twinkle Tones/Jimmie Hombs & Hollywood Rebels

Jimmie Hombs (w The Twinkle Tones & Hollywood Rebels) – Poor Boy’s Dream, ’59 (Jack Bee 1001)

Jimmie Hombs (w Tom And The Twinkle Tones & Hollywood Rebels) – Joe Cool, ’59 (Jack Bee 1001)


Invictas (California) (w The Hollywood Rebels) – Gone So Long/ Nellie, ’59 (Jack Bee 1003)


Jimmie Hombs (w The Invictas & The Hollywood Rebels) – Ask The Stars/ Voo Doo Dolly, ’59 (Jack Bee 1004)


Twinkletones (Rocky Storm & The) – Should I/ My Baby Left Me Swinging, ’58 (Josie 847)


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