Twi-Lites & Twilights

Twi-Lites (Chicago) – Just Can’t Let Her Go, ’58 (Spenada 101) (Google Books info: Louis Pritchett, Waymon Bryant, Matthew Perkins and Calvin Baron formed the Twi-Lites.  No information was found for the Spenada release.  There are label scans as the ‘Twi-Lites’ for My Love/No Greater Thing on M-Pac #7205.)



Twilights (NY) (James Carter & The) – Wild Hog, ’56 (Tuxedo 917)

as James Carter – I’m Falling For You, ’56 (Tuxedo 917)


Twilights (NY) (James Carter & The) – Wild Hog Baby, ’59 (Tuxedo 932)

as James Carter – Get Hep Little Girl, ’59 (Tuxedo 932)


Twilights (NY) as Phyllis Branch & The Twilights – Calypso Fever, ’57 (Tuxedo 919)

Twilights (NY) as Phyllis Branch (w Alberto Soccarras Orch) – Babalu, ’57 (Tuxedo 919)



Phil Phillips (With The Twilights) (Louisiana) – Sea Of Love/ Juella, ’59 (Khoury’s 711 & Mercury 71465)


Phil Phillips (w The Twilights & Cupcakes) (Louisiana) – Take This Heart/ Verdie Mae, ’59 (Mercury 71531)



Embers (Brooklyn) previously Twilights  – Oh Baby Love/ My Heart Belongs To Only You, ’59 (Finesse 1717)



Twilights (Brooklyn-NY) (ft Tony Richards) (ref Tony Passalacqua) – Please Believe In Me/ Paper Boy, ’60 (Colpix 178)


Twilights (Brooklyn-NY) as Tony Richards – The Summer Is Comin’/ Shout My Name ’61 (Colpix 199) (No group is credited.)



Twilights (Philadelphia) (Teddy & The) – Woman Is A Man’s Best Friend/ Goodbye To Love, ’62 (Swan 4102)


as Tiffanys (w Frank Slay & His Orch) – The Pleasure Of Love/ Atlanta, ’62 (Swan 4104)


Twilights (Philadelphia) (Teddy & The)

– You Gotta Be Alone To Cry/ Running Around Town, ’62 (Swan 4115)

– I’m Just Your Clown/ Bimini Bimbo (Doin’ The Limbo), ’62 (Swan 4126)


With Fred Cohen replacing Sam Connors as lead singer, the Buddies had a style change and recorded as Teddy & The Twilights and the Tiffanys.  They were the BB group for a number of Swan groups listed on, then use search for their article on Teddy & The Twilights or use the link in comment below.




Twilights (New Jersey Label) – Bohemian/ Little Richard, ’63 (6 Star 1001-1002)



as Helen Simon – Living Letter, ’63 (Felice 713)

Twilights (Broadway NYC) – Believe It Or Not, ’63 (Felice 713)

(While the scan on collectors frenzy is no longer available, scans for both sides (as of November 06,2018) are available on craigmoerer’s eBay site.)



Twilights (Detroit) (Released on the Harthon label in the Philadelphia area.)

– It’s Been So Long/ She’s Gonna Put Me Down, ’64 (Harthon 134)

– Shipwreck/ For The First Time, ’64 (Harthon 135 & Parkway 128, ’67)



Twilights (NY Label) – I Think I’m Going To Fall In Love With You/ I Have The Right, ’65 (Select 742)



Twilight Records (ft The Twilights) (San Jose) – It Couldn’t Be True/ Sum’pin Else, ’67 (Twilight 1028) (Four Juvenile boys 10-12 years old-Chuck (12), Jeff (10), Dave (12) & Jerry (12))



Twylights – Darling Lets [sic] Fall In Love/ I’m Gonna Try, ’61 (Rock’N Records 102)


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