Twi-Lighters, Twilighters, Twiliters

Twi-Lighters Groups


Twi-Lighters (NY) (ref Frank Slay-Bob Crewe) – Sittin’ In A Corner/ It’s A Cold Cold Rainy Day, ’56 (Groove 0154)

  • Book also listed as Twiliters.  Scans only found as ‘Twi-Lighters.’


Twi-Lighters (Cincinnati) – To Love In Vain/ The Beginning Of Love, ’61 (Fraternity 889 & Saxony 2003, ’94)

  • Gms: Fred Martin, Joe Indelicato, Lynn Holthaus & Ed Breamer.
  • Sides were recorded in Cincinnati.
  • The group formed Saxony records.


Twilighters Groups


Twilighters (Baltimore Maryland) – Please Tell Me Your [sic] Mine/ Wondering, ’53 (Marshall 702)

  • Ref Frank Motley (Dual Trumpeteer) & His Crew.


Twilighters (w Eddie Swanston Quintette) – I Wonder Who’s Calling Her Now, ’74 (Roadhouse 1014)

  • As/ youtube comments, the masters were obtained from Lillian Clairborne of DC Records and subsequently released on Roadhouse.


Twilighters (Unknown Group) error – Don’t Stop Baby (Recorded 1953), ’74 (Roadhouse 1014)

  • Label credits Heartbreakers (w Frank Motley (Dual Trumpet) & His Crew).


Twilighters (Memphis) (Buddy Milton & The)

– Please Understand/ Say Another Word, ’54 (RPM 418 & Cadet)

  • No information found for Cadet release.

– O O Wah/ I’m The Child, ’54 (RPM 419)


Starlings as Twilighters (Bronx)

– Little Did I Dream/ Gotta Get On The Train, ’55 (MGM 55011)

– Lovely Lady/ Half Angel, ’55 (MGM 55014)


Twilighters (Atlanta Group) – It’s True, ’55 (Specialty 548)

  • Richard Hunter Lead.

Twilighters (Atlanta Group) – Wah-Bop-Sh-Wah, ’55 (Specialty 548)

  • Julius High Jr Lead. 


Twilighters (Los Angeles) – Eternally/ I Believe, ’56 (Caddy 103, Dot 15526 & Play-Back 1113)

  • Book listed ‘Playback’ label as ‘Pla-Bac.’
  • Writing credits vary on releases: as Williams/ Williams-Nyla, and Williams-Wright .


Twilighters (Los Angeles) – Pride And Joy/ Live Like A King, ’57 (Ebb 117)

  • Writing credits: C Williams-C Wright.


Twilighters (Los Angeles) (Leon Brooks & The) – Money Talks, ’58 (Cholly 712)

  • Writing credits: Cholly Williams.


Twilighters (Los Angeles) – Let There Be Love, ’58 (Cholly 712)

  • Writing credits: Baker-Lanier-Blalock.


Twilighters (Detroit-JVB Group) – Water-Water/ How Many Times, ’57 (JVB 83)

  • No writing credits on scans.



Twilighters (NJ) – Penny In The Wishing Well/ As I Remember You, ’58 (Airport 101)

also as

Teasers (NJ) (Sammy & The) – Penny In A Wishing Well/ As I Remember You, ’58 (Airport 101)


Twilighters (Chicago Label) – Scratchin’/ She Needs A Guy, ’60 (Chess 1803)


Twilighters (Detroit-Spin Group) (ft George Washington) – A Possibility, ’60 (Spin 000.1)

Twilighters (Detroit-Spin Group) (ft Donald Richards) – Yes You Are, ’60 (Spin 000.1)


Twilighters (Detroit-Spin Group) – Helene, ’60 (Spin-It 020.2)

  • No information found for ‘Spin-It.’
  • A listing was found for ‘Spin 020.2’ with ‘Tantalizing Darling’ as the flip.


Twilighters (Unknown Group) – Sit Right Down And Cry/ Please Come Home, ’60 (Super 1003)

  • Writing credits: Watts-Henderson / Starr-Watts.
  • 45cat lists with Twilighters group on ‘Ricki.’


as Tony & The Twiliters – Be My Girl/ Did You Make Up Your Mind, ’60 (Jalynne 106)


as Twilighters – Yes Or No/ The Key To My Heart, ’60 (Red Top 127)

as Twilighters – The Key To My Heart/ Yes Or No, ’77 (Arcade 1003)


Relic LP 5021 (Various Artists).  The following are by: Tony & The Twilighters

– Did You Make Up Your Mind (A3)

– Key To My Heart (A6)

– Yes Or No (B3)

– Be My Girl (B5)

– Gee But I’d Give The World (B10)


as Tony & The Dynamics – I Promise To Remember (A2)


Twilighters (ref Tangents (Fresh)) – Nothin’/ Do You Believe, ’61 (Eldo 115)

In addition to already published material, the comment from ‘doctor bop’ lists the gms as: Billy Thadford (Lead) Horace ‘Pookie’ Wooten (Lead), Howard Hogains, Willie Marshall. Herman ??.


Twilighters (NY-Ricki Group) – Help Me/ The Rockin [sic] Mule, ’61 (Ricki 907)

  • Label address is Springfield Gardens L1, NY.
  • 45cat lists with Twilighters group on ‘Super.’


Tony Allen & The Twilighters (LA)

– Just Like Before/ Come-A, Come-A, Baby, ’61 (Bethlehem 3002)

– It Hurts Me So/ The Trakey-Doo, ’62 (Bethlehem 3004)


Twilighters (LA Calif)  – My Silent Prayer/ Little Bitty Bed Bug, ’62 (Bubble 1334)

  • Writing credits: Ben E Weisman-M Kay/ Robert Jones-Wm Lasley.
  • Producer-Len Weisman and The Chords.


Note:  Reference was found to a release on Skylark #562 with BV by the Twilighters.  The publishing and producing credits are the same as the Twilighters on Bubble.  The Skylark release is not included in the book:

Twilighters (LA Calif) as Wendy Cole (BV Twilighters) – The Wiggle Wiggle, ’62 (Skylark 562)

Twilighters (LA Calif) as Joyce Sage (BV Twilighters) – Leon Wagner Wiggle, ’62 (Skylark 562)


Twilighters (Vancouver Washington) – I Need Your Lovin/ Out Of My Mind, ’68 (Vanco 204)


Twiliters Groups


Ron Holden & The Twiliters (Calif) – Ya Got That Lovin’ Touch/ Things Don’t Happen That Way, ’62 (Baronet 3)

  • Scans found for Baronet 3.
    • As well, both titles appear on Baronet Best For CD as Ron Holden & The Twilighters.


Twiliters (McKesport PA)

– Hey There/ Caused By You, ’61 (Nix 102)

– Back To School/ Love Bandit, ’61 (Nix 103)

– Sweet Lips/ You Better Make It, ’64 (Paloma 100)

Sweet Lips/ My Beatle Haircut, ’64 (Roulette 4546)

  • Book listed under mixed Twilighters groups.
  • Label credits Orch-The Shadows.


Twiliters Orchestra as Johnny Barness (& The Twiliters Orch) – (There Is) No Love For Me/ Tell Me Why (That’s What I Want To Know), ’61 (Flippin’ 105)


Twiliters Orchestra – (Such) Infatuation {I}/ Till I Waltz Again With You (Cha Cha) {I}, ’61 (Flippin’ 106)


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  1. Peter Grendysa

    Submitted on 2014/06/17 at 8:51 pm
    Twilighters on Spin It 0202 was reviewed in Billboard in 1950.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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    Submitted on 2014/06/18 at 4:57 pm | In reply to Peter Grendysa.
    Thanks for all your interest and the nice complement.

    [Edit: link no longer active]( supplies information about the Spin label and also lists the Spin-It release as 020.2 at the end.

    Billboard (April 18 1960) does review Spin 000.1. I’d really appreciate if you would supply the link to the Billboard issue reviewing Spin It 0202 (Helene/Tantalizing Darling).

  2. the twiliters who’s backed ron Holden is i’ presume an evolution of the charles wright’s twilighters .these twilighters are first recorded ffor fresh records in 1960 Under the name”tangents” and for eldo in 61 as the twilighters.menbers are:Billy Thadford (Lead)Horace “Pookie” Wooten (Lead)
    /Howard Hogains/Willie MarshallHerman …
    pookie wootern be a part of the wright twilighters,and also be a menber of various groups from la area,some times at the same time of tony allen,Jimmy green,etc.
    tony allen mentionned one more single by the twilighters on the mack VII label(evolution of mack IV) with Jimmy green.
    i made asearch about it and the result is nothing!
    doowop regards

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