Turbans Groups

Turbans (Oakland CA)

– No No Cherry/ Tick Tock A-Woo, ’55 (Money 209)

– The Nest Is Warm/ Tick Tock A-Woo, ’55 (Money 209) (No scan for a-side.  Some list as The Nest Is Warm (But The Goose Is Gone).

– When I Return, ’55 (Money 211) (Flip is ‘Emily’ by Hollywood Flames as [The Turks])


Turbans (Oakland CA) as Sharp Tones – Since I Fell For You/ Made To Love, ’55 (Post 2009)



Turbans (Philadelphia)

– When You Dance/ Let Me Show You (Around My Heart), ’55 (Herald 458)

– Sister Sookey/ I’ll Always Watch Over You, ’55 (Herald 469) (Another pressing lists as ‘I’ll Watch Over You/Sister Sooky’)

– I’m Nobody’s/ B-I-N-G-O (Bingo), ’56 (Herald 478)

– It Was A Nite Like This/ All Of My Love, ’56 (Herald 486)

– Valley Of Love (ft Al Banks)/ Bye And Bye (ft Al Banks), ’57 (Herald 495)

– Congratulations/ The Wadda-Doo, ’57 (Herald 510)

– I Promise You Love/ Curfew Time, ’58 (Red Top 115)

– Diamonds And Pearls/ Bad Man, ’60 (Roulette 4281)

– Six Questions/ The Lament Of Silver Gulch, ’61 (Imperial 5807)

– When You Dance/ Golden Rings, ’61 (Parkway 820)

– I’m Not Your Fool Anymore/ Three Friends (Two Lovers), ’61 (Roulette 4326)

– Clicky Clicky Clack/ This Is My Story, ’62 (Imperial 5828)

– I Wonder (I Wanna Know)/ The Damage Is Done, ’62 (Imperial 5847)


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