Tune-Drops & Tunedrops

Tune-Drops – Smoothie/ Jumpin’ Jellybeans, ’59 (Gone 5072) (By Arr. with Sparkle Records.  Scans list both sides as (Vocal).  Have not heard either (vocal) side.  A re-issue lists as (instrumental) and plays as instrumental.)


Tunedrops – Rosie Lee/ Speak For Yourself, ’57 (Gone 5003) (Most sources say Malcolm Dodds leads on A-side and the group backs the female lead on the B-side.)



Tunedrops (Malcolm Dodds & The)

– It Took A Long Time/ Beauty And The Beast, ’57 (End 1000)

– Fools Rush In/ Can’t You See (I’m In Love With You), ’57 (End 1004)

– Tonight/ Unspoken Love, ’57 (End 1010)


Tunedrops as Malcolm Dodds & The Tune Drops – Your Voice/ The Swingin’ Platoon, ’58 (Decca 30653)


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