Tru-Tones, True Tones & Truetones Groups

Tru-Tones (Florida Label) – Tears In My Eyes/ Magic, ’57 (Chart 634)


Tru-Tones (Michigan) – Darling I’m Sorry/ Surfin’ Here We Go, ’64 (Tru 11895)


Tru-Tones error – Teenage Rock/ Sugar Bee, ’59 (Rocko 517) (This is by Tune-Tones (Terry Clement & The))




True Tones (Knoxville TN) – Never Had A Chance/ Lovin’ From My Baby, ’64 (Spot 1115)


True Tones (Knoxville TN) as Tru Tones – Little Hit And Run Darling/ La La La La La, ’65 (Spot 1121)




Writing credits on the Washington group include either Ronnie or R Henderson or Henderson involvement.  A youtube post says they were the Capitols before becoming the Truetones on Monument.

Truetones (Washington) (w Jimmy Griffin & His Orch) – Honey, Honey (2:02)/ Whirlwind, ’58 (Monument 4501)

Truetones (Washington) previously Capitols – Honey Honey (2:06), ’73 (Baron 103)

(This stepped-up version of Honey Honey is different than Monument 4501.  The label is w/o writing or orchestra credit.  The flip ‘Alone In The Night’ is by The Jones Boys.)


Truetones (Washington) – Blushing Bride/ Singing Waters, ’61 (Felsted 8625)


Truetones (Washington) Thats[sic] Love/ He’s Got Nerve, ’65 (Soulville 2871-53) (Writing credits are as ‘Ronnie.’)


as True Tones – That’s Love/ He’s Got The Nerve, ’65 (Josie 950 & Josie 1003, ’69) (Writing credits are as R Henderson.)


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