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Trojans (St Louis, Mo) (Ike Turner & Orch) – As Long As I Have You/ I Wanna Make Love To You, ’55 (RPM 446)

  • As/ discogs: Art Lassiter sang lead, with Douglass Martin, and brothers George and Murrey Green.
  • An article in a history of Art Lassiter @, says the group became the Trojans in October 1955.
    • The same article says “ When they recorded for Federal in March 1956, again with Ike, they were known as The Rockers 5.”

Rockers (St Louis MO) (w Ike Turner’s Kings Of Rhythm-uncredited)

– What Am I To Do/ I’ll Die In Love With You, ’56 (Federal 12267)

– Down In The Bottom/ Why Don’t You Believe, ’56 (Federal 12273)


Trojans (Calif) – Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely/ Alone In This World, ’58 (Tender 516-517)

as 5 Trojans – Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely/ Alone In This World, ’58 (Tender 516-17)


Trojans (Felsted) – Man I’m Gonna Be/ Make It Up, ’58 (Felsted 8534)

  • Writing credits on both sides: J Bennett-J Maitland.
  • A comment by ‘mickey rat’ on the group’s page notes at 45cat, “American copyright filings indicate both songs were of British origin …”


Trojans (Unknown Group) – All Night Long/ I Wanted You So Long, ’60 (Triangle 51317)

  • Writing credits: Castron and Berry/ Castron.


Trojans (Louisiana) (Henry Clement & The) – I’ll Be Waiting/ Trojan’s Walla {I}, ’61 (Zynn 1006)

  • Scans found.


Trojans (Indiana Label) – Medley (Talk To Me, You’re A Thousand Miles Away, What’s Your Name), ’67 (Airtown 70971A)

  • #003 is the issue #.


Trojans (Indiana Label) – Medley (We Belong Together, Diamonds & Pearls, Cherry Pie, Talk To Me), ’67 (Airtown 70971B)


Mighty Trojans (Ferriday Louisiana) – Just Got Up {I}/ Just About Daybreak {I}, ’61 (Dodge 804)

  • Book listed as ‘Trojans,’ mixing them among other Trojans groups.


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