Travelers, Travellers Groups

Travelers (Chicago) (w Hugo Peretti Orch) – Why Darling Why/ Go Away, ’53 (Okeh 6959)


Travelers (NJ) (Frankie Valley & The) – Somebody Else Took Her Home/ Forgive And Forget, ’54 (Mercury 70381)

  • Book spelled as Travellers.


Travelers Vocal Group (Brooklyn) (ft Frank Lopez) – Lenora/ Betty Jean, ’57 (Atlas 1086)

Travelers Vocal Group (Brooklyn) – Your Love Is All I Crave, ’73 (Atlas-Unreleased & Relic LP 5012)


Travelers (So Calif Label) (Bumps Blackwell Orch)

– Why/ Teen Age Machine Age, ’58 (Andex 4006)

– He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands/ Green Town Girl, ’58 (Andex 4012)


Travelers (So Calif Label)

– I’ll Be Home For Christmas/ Katie The Kangaroo, ’58 (Andex 2011)

– I’ll Always Be In Love With You/ I Go For You, ’59 (Andex 4033)


Travelers (MGM-NY) – Rock Me Baby/ Girl In The Bikini, ’59 (MGM 928)

  • No scans or info found for the MGM #928 release asby the Travelers.


Note:  There are scans for (The Girl In The Bikini (1:50)/ Rock Me Baby (1:58)) credited as the Splashers on Kayo 928 in 1958. 

  • The book listed Kayo 928 asby the Debutants (Memories/Going Steady.)
    • No scans were found.
    • The female group appears on Poplar CDs.


The book entry as posted is possibly a mixup between groups and labels.


Travelers (New York) (ref ‘Bugs’ Bower)

– June, July, August (& September)/ What A Weekend, ’60 (ABC-Paramount 10119)

– The Ivy On The Old School Wall/ Cadwallader 00002, ’61 (Decca 31215)

– (Love Me) Oh My Love/ White Rose, ’61 (Decca 31282)


Travelers (Unknown Origin) – Twist In School/ Too Young, ’61 (World-Wide 8510-11)


Roger & The Travelers (New Haven) – You’re Daddy’s Little Girl/ Just Gotta Be That Way, ’61 (Ember 1079)

Roger & The Travellers (New Haven) – To Be My Love/ Smile, ’78 (Crystal Ball 128) 


Ronnie Cates & The Travellers – Old Man River, ’61 (Terrace 7501)

Ronnie Cates – Long Time, ’61 (Terrace 7501)


Ronnie Cates Solo – Long Time/ For My Very Own, ’62 (Terrace 7508, ’62)


Travelers (Phoenix Arizona) (ft Alvie Self on Guitar) – Traveler/ Seven Minutes Till Four, ’62 (Don Ray 5965) {I}


Travelers (Hollywood Label) – In The Pines/ Tie Me Surfer Board Down Sport, ’63 (Gass 1000)


Travelers (ref Ron Story)

– Windy And Warm/ Last Date, ’63 (Yellow Sand 2) {I}

– Spanish Moon/ She’s Got The Blues, ’63 (Yellow Sand 11, Princess 52, ’64 & Vault 911, ’64) {I}

  • ‘Spanish Moon’ was ‘borrowed’ by The Ventures and titled as ‘Tomorrow’s Love.’

– Morning Star, ’65 (Yellow Sand 451A) {I}

  • Scan as The New Travelers.
  • Not in book listing.

– Malibu Sunset/ Hang On, ’65 (Yellow Sand 452) {I}

  • No scans found on #452.

– Tomorrow’s Love (by the Ventures-rearranged)/ Malibu Sunset, ’65 (Yellow Sand 460) {I}

  • ‘Malibu Sunset’ is the same as the Ventures’ ‘Tomorrow’s Love.’


Original gms: Ron Story, Angel Dorame, Tom Dorame & Freddie Gonzales.

The New Travelers gms: Ron Story, Bob Johnson, Dusty Kessler & Roger Noble.


The Doowop Book included some of the Ron Story’s Travelers’ instrumental group.

  • For more information, follow Ron Story’s interesting posts about the group.


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