Travelers, Travellers Groups

Travelers (Chicago) (w Hugo Peretti Orch) – Go Away/ Why Darling Why, ’53 (Okeh 6959)



Travelers (NJ) (Frankie Valley & The) – Somebody Else Took Her Home/ Forgive And Forget, ’54 (Mercury 70381) (Book listed as Travellers (1))



Travelers Vocal Group (Brooklyn) (ft Frank Lopez) – Lenora/ Betty Jean, ’57 (Atlas 1086)

Travelers Vocal Group (Brooklyn) – Your Love Is All I Crave, ’73 (Atlas-Unreleased & Relic LP 5012)



Travelers (So Calif Label) (Bumps Blackwell Orch)

– Why/ Teen Age Machine Age, ’58 (Andex 4006)

– He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands/ Green Town Girl, ’58 (Andex 4012)


Travelers (So Calif Label)

– I’ll Be Home For Christmas/ Katie The Kangaroo, ’58 (Andex 2011)

– I’ll Always Be In Love With You/ I Go For You, ’59 (Andex 4033)



Travelers (MGM-NY) – Rock Me Baby/ Girl In The Bikini, ’59 (MGM 928)

(No scans or info found for the MGM #928 release asby the Travelers.  I have not heard either side.)

There are scans for (The Girl In The Bikini (1:50)/ Rock Me Baby (1:58)) credited as the Splashers on Kayo 928 in 1958. 

The book listed Kayo 928 asby the Debutants (Memories/Going Steady.  No scans were found.  The female group appears on Poplar CDs.) 

The mislistings make it appear to be a book mixup between groups and labels.



Travelers (New York) (ref ‘Bugs’ Bower)

– June, July, August (& September)/ What A Weekend, ’60 (ABC-Paramount 10119)

– The Ivy On The Old School Wall/ Cadwallader 00002, ’61 (Decca 31215)

– (Love Me) Oh My Love/ White Rose, ’61 (Decca 31282)



Travelers (Unknown Origin) – Twist In School/ Too Young, ’61 (World-Wide 8510-11)



Roger & The Travelers (New Haven) – You’re Daddy’s Little Girl/ Just Gotta Be That Way, ’61 (Ember 1079)

Roger & The Travellers (New Haven) – To Be My Love/ Smile, ’78 (Crystal Ball 128) 



Ronnie Cates & The Travellers – Old Man River, ’61 (Terrace 7501)

Ronnie Cates & The Travellers-uncredited – Time, ’61 (Terrace 7501)


Ronnie Cates Solo – Long Time/ For My Very Own, ’62 (Terrace 7508, ’62)



Travelers (Phoenix Arizona) (ft Alvie Self on Guitar) – Traveler/ Seven Minutes Till Four, ’62 (Don Ray 5965) {I}



Travelers (Hollywood Label) – Tie Me Surfer Board Down, Sport/ In The Pines, ’63 (Gass 1000)



Travelers (ref Ron Story) (Original gms: Ron Story, Angel Dorame, Tom Dorame & Freddie Gonzales.  The New Travelers gms: Ron Story, Bob Johnson, Dusty Kessler & Roger Noble.)


– Windy And Warm/ Last Date, ’63 (Yellow Sand 2) {I}

– Spanish Moon/ She’s Got The Blues, ’63 (Yellow Sand 11, Princess 52, ’64 & Vault 911, ’64) {I} (Spanish Moon was ‘borrowed’ by The Ventures and titled as ‘Tomorrow’s Love.’)

– Morning Star, ’65 (Yellow Sand 451A) {I} (Scan as The New Travelers.  Not in book listing.)

– Malibu Sunset/ Hang On, ’65 (Yellow Sand 452) {I} (Book listed but no scans found to verify.)

– Tomorrow’s Love (by the Ventures-rearranged)/ Malibu Sunset, ’65 (Yellow Sand 460) {I} (Malibu Sunset is the same as the Ventures’ ‘Tomorrow’s Love.’)


The Doowop Book included some of the Ron Story’s Travelers’ instrumental group.  Anyone looking for more information can follow Ron Story’s interesting posts about the group.


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