Townsmen Groups

Townsmen (Lyle Weagle) – It’s Time/ Little Jeanie, ’58 (Vanity 579-80)

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  • Listed in ‘Billboard – November 3, 1958.’


Townsmen (Pittsburgh) – Moonlight Was Made For Lovers/ I’m In The Mood For Love, ’62 (Joey 6202)

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  • ‘The Best Of Joey Records CD’ comp spells the group as the Townsman.


Townsmen (NY) (Lead-Louie Lymon) – I Can’t Go, ’63 (PJ 1340-41)

Townsmen (NY) (Lead-Louis Vasquez) – That’s All I’ll Ever Need, ’63 (PJ 1340-41)


Gms: Lewis Lymon Rafael Ramos, Louis Vasquez & Duffy ‘Mac’ Swaggart.

  • As/Marv Goldberg, this is their only record.


Townsmen (NY Combo) (Leads-Bill Witt & Ernest Stevens)

– Is It All Over/ Just A Little Bit, ’63 (Herald 585)

– Please Don’t Say Goodbye/ Gotta Get Moving, ’64 (Columbia 43207)


As/, gms are: Bill Witt, Ernest Stevens, Robert Stewart, William “Bubba” Moore and Brother “Bossy” McKinney (baritone).