Tornados & Toronados Groups

Tornados (Chicago) (Stanley Mitchell & The) – Four O’Clock In The Morning/ Would You, Could You, ’56 (Chess 1649)



Tornados (NY) (Johnny Mann & The) – Breaker Of Dreams/ Chick-A-Lou, ’58 (Donnie 27746)



Tornados (Detroit) – Genie In The Jug/ Love In Your Life, ’59 (Bumble Bee 503)



Tornados (Chicago R&B) (Aaron McNeil & The) – Without Romance/ Carolyn, ’60 (CJ 615)



Toronados (Paul Winley Label) – Clap Your Hands And Skate/ Why Don’t You Tell Me So, ’67 (Winley 2017) (Book spelled as Tornados.)


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