Tony Allen & His Related Groups

Tony Allen & The Chimes (Los Angeles)

I/ Nite Owl, ’55 (Specialty 560)

  • Label billed incorrectly as ‘& The Champs’.

– Check Yourself, Baby/ Especially, ’56 (Specialty 570)


Tony Allen (& Group) – I Found An Angel/ I’m Dreaming, ’56 (Dig 109)


as Tony Allan [sic] – Holy Smoke, Baby/ Time Won’t Wait On You, ’57 (Aladdin 3403)


as Cupids (LA) – Now You Tell Me/ Lillie Mae, ’58 (Aladdin 3404)


as The Wonders (LA) – Be My Love, Be My Love/ Tell Me, ’58 (Forward 601)


Tony Allen & The Wonders (LA)

– Be My Love, Be My Love/ Tell Me, ’58 (Tampa 157)

– Looking For My Baby/ Loving You, ’59 (Jamie 1119)


Tony Allen (& Group)

– God Gave Me You/ Train Of Love, ’59 (Jamie 1143)

– Be My Love, Be My Love/ Dreamin [sic], ’61 (Kent 364)

  • If BB is ‘The Wonders,’ they are uncredited.


as Bobby Starr – Please Give Me A Chance/ Sweet Man, ’59 (Radio 120)


Originals (LA) (ft Tony Allan [sic])

– Let Me Hear You Say Yeah/ Wishing Star, ’60 (Original Sound 10)

– Little Lonely Girl/ I Still Love You, ’60 (Original Sound 13)


Lions (LA) (ref Everidge & Warren-Youngsters) – No One (No One But You) (Lead David Cobb)/ Giggles (Lead Tony Allen), ’60 (Everest 19388 & Mack IV 1/2)


Tony Allen & The Night Owls LP 1960 (Crown LP 5231)

Side 1: Lovers [sic] Mountain, If Love Was Money, Dreamin [sic], Be My Love, Cute Thing.

Side 2: Have Faith In Me, If I Had Aladdin’s Lamp, Why In The World, Home Wrecker, Give Me A Chance.


Tony Allen & The Wanderers (LA) – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool/ If Love Was Money, ’61 (Kent 356)


Tony Allen & The Twilighters (LA)

– Just Like Before/ Come-A, Come-A, Baby, ’61 (Bethlehem 3002)

– It Hurts Me So/ The Trakey-Doo, ’62 (Bethlehem 3004)


Furys (LA) (Lead Tony Allen) – Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/Never More, ’62 (Mack IV 112)

  • Some sources include Tony Allen as a member of the Furys group, along with Jimmy Green, Jerome Evans and Charles Jackson.
  • Tony Allen bios and discographies include these sides as well.


Tony Allen (With The Arthur Wright Combo) – The Back Door/ No One, ’88 (Classic Artists 102)


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