Tony Allen & His Related Groups

Tony Allen & The Chimes (Los Angeles)

– I/ Nite Owl, ’55 (Specialty 560)  (Label billed incorrectly as ‘& The Champs’)

– Check Yourself, Baby/ Especially, ’56 (Specialty 570)



Tony Allen (& Group) – I Found An Angel/ I’m Dreaming, ’56 (Dig 109)



Tony Allen as Tony Allan – Holy Smoke, Baby/ Time Won’t Wait On You, ’57 (Aladdin 3403)

Tony Allen as Cupids (LA) – Now You Tell Me/ Lillie Mae, ’58 (Aladdin 3404)



Tony Allen as The Wonders (LA) – Be My Love, Be My Love/ Tell Me, ’58 (Forward 601)


Tony Allen & The Wonders (LA)

– Be My Love, Be My Love/ Tell Me, ’58 (Tampa 157)

– Looking For My Baby/ Loving You, ’59 (Jamie 1119)


Tony Allen (& Group)

– God Gave Me You/ Train Of Love, ’59 (Jamie 1143)

– Be My Love, Be My Love/ Dreamin [sic], ’61 (Kent 364)

(If BB is The Wonders, they are uncredited.)



Tony Allen as Bobby Starr – Please Give Me A Chance/ Sweet Man, ’59 (Radio 120)



Originals (LA) (ft Tony Allan [sic])

– Let Me Hear You Say Yeah/ Wishing Star, ’60 (Original Sound 10)

– Little Lonely Girl/ I Still Love You, ’60 (Original Sound 13)



Lions (LA) (ref Everidge & Warren-Youngsters) – No One (No One But You) (Lead David Cobb)/ Giggles (Lead Tony Allen), ’60 (Everest 19388 & Mack IV 1/2)



Tony Allen & The Night Owls LP 1960 (Crown LP 5231)

Side 1: Lovers [sic] Mountain, If Love Was Money, Dreamin [sic], Be My Love, Cute Thing.

Side 2: Have Faith In Me, If I Had Aladdin’s Lamp, Why In The World, Home Wrecker, Give Me A Chance.



Tony Allen & The Wanderers (LA) – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool/ If Love Was Money, ’61 (Kent 356)



Tony Allen & The Twilighters (LA)

– Just Like Before/ Come-A, Come-A, Baby, ’61 (Bethlehem 3002)

– It Hurts Me So/ The Trakey-Doo, ’62 (Bethlehem 3004)



Furys (LA) (Lead Tony Allen) – Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/Never More, ’62 (Mack IV 112) (Some sources include Tony Allen as a member of the Furys group, along with Jimmy Green, Jerome Evans and Charles Jackson.  Tony Allen bios and discographies include these sides as well.)



Tony Allen (With The Arthur Wright Combo) – The Back Door/ No One, ’88 (Classic Artists 102)


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