Tokens (The Other Groups)

Tokens (Brownsville) (East Brooklyn)

– Come Dance With Me/ Doom-Lang, ’57 (Gary 1006 & Musictone 1113, ’59)

– Arlene, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105) (Originally recorded by Dennis & The Dahills.)

– Come Dance With Me (Acapella Version)/ Doom Lang (Acapella Version), ’84 (Starlight 24)



Johnny & The Kings reissued as Johnny & The Tokens – The Taste Of A Tear/ Never Till Now, ’61 (Warwick 658) (Note: This is not the Brooklyn Tokens or Neil Sedaka with or without them.  It was first released as Johnny and the Kings.  After the Brooklyn Tokens left the Warwick label records for RCA, the Johnny & The Kings record was reissued as Johnny and the Tokens.)



Tokens (Los Angeles?) – Oh, What A Night/ (Hey-Hey) Juanita, ’61 (Date 2737)


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