Tokens (Brooklyn NY) & Related Groups

Note:  Title changes which differ from the book’s listings, are from label scans.


Tokens (Brooklyn NY)

– When I Go To Sleep At Night/ Dry Your Eyes, ’61 (RCA 7896)

– Sincerely/ When The Summer Is Through, ’61 (RCA 7925)

– The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ Tina, ’61 (RCA 7954)

– Tonight I Fell In Love/ I’ll Always Love You, ’61 (Warwick 615)

– B-Wa Nina (Pretty Girl)/ Weeping River, ’62 (RCA 7991)

– The Riddle/ Big Boat, ’62 (RCA 8018)

– La Bomba/ A Token Of Love, ’62 (RCA 8052)

– Dream Angel Goodnight/ I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow, ’62 (RCA 8089)

– A Bird Flies Out Of Sight/ Wishing, ’62 (RCA 8114)

– Please Write/ I’ll Always Love You, ’63 (Laurie 3180)

– Please Write (Collectables 3303)

– Tonight I Met An Angel/ Hindi Lullaby, ’63 (RCA 8148)

Hear The Bells/ A-B-C, 1,2,3, ’63 (RCA 8210)

  • Various pressings titled the B-side differently.

– Swing/ A Girl Named Arlene, ’64 (BT Puppy 500 & Music Makers 110)

  • No scan was found for Music Makers 110.

– He’s In Town/ Oh Kathy, ’64 (BT Puppy 502)

  • Some pressings spell B-side as ‘Oh Cathy.’

– You’re My Girl/ Havin’ Fun, ’64 (BT Puppy 504)

– Let’s Go To The Drag Strip/ Two Cars, ’64 (RCA 8309)

– Nobody But You/ Mr Cupid (Don’t You Call On Me), ’65 (BT Puppy 505)

– A Message To The World/ Sylvie Sleepin’, ’65 (BT Puppy 507)

– Only My Friend/ Cattle Call, ’65 (BT Puppy 512)

– The Bells Of St Mary/ Just One Smile, ’65 (BT Puppy 513)

– The Three Bells/ A Message To The World, ’66 (BT Puppy 516)

– I Hear Trumpets Blow/ Don’t Cry, Sing Along With The Music, ’66 (BT Puppy 518)

– Greatest Moments In A Girl’s Life/ Breezy, ’66 (BT Puppy 519)

– Green Plant/ Saloogy, ’67 (BT Puppy 525)

  • Book listed as #552.  Scan is #525.

– Get A Job/ Please Say You Want Me/ Get A Job, ’66 (BT Puppy 552)

– Portrait Of My Love/ She Comes And Goes, ’67 (Warner Bros 5900)

– It’s A Happening World/ How Nice, ’67 (Warner Bros 7056)

– Ain’t That Peculiar/ Bye, Bye, Bye, ’67 (Warner Bros 7099)

– Till/ Poor Man, ’68 (Warner Bros 7169)

– Animal/ Bathroom Wall, ’68 (Warner Bros 7202)

– The Banana Boat Song/ Grandfather, ’68 (Warner Bros 7233)

– The World Is Full Of Wonderful Things/ Some People Sleep, ’68 (Warner Bros 7255)

I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow/ A Girl Named Arlene, ’69 (BT Puppy 563)

  • ‘A Girl Named Arlene’ was done by the Tokens #500 and the Del Satins # 509.
  • ‘I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow’ was a single for the Tokens on RCA 8089 and appears asby the Del Satins on a BT Puppy LP which I have not heard.
  • No scans were found for #563 and most sources list this asby the Del Satins.
    • The book and some sources list asby the Tokens.
  • At present it is unconfirmed which group is on the label.

– She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning)/ Oh To Get Away, ’69 (Buddah 151)

– Go Away Little Girl-Young Girl/ I Want To Make Love To You, ’69 (Warner Bros 7280)

– I Could Be/ End Of The World, ’69 (Warner Bros 7323)

– Don’t Worry Baby/ Some People Sleep, ’70 (Buddah 159)

– Both Sides Now/ I Could See Me (Dancin’ With You), ’70 (Buddah 174)

– Groovin’ On The Sunshine-Sesame Street/ Listen To The Words (Listen To The Music), ’70 (Buddah 187)

– You And Me/ I Like To Throw My Head Back And Sing, ’72 (Bell 190)

– Penny Whistle Band (Mono)/ Penny Whistle Band (Stereo), ’74 (Atco 7009)

  • Scans found.

– Penny Whistle Band/ The Lord Can’t Do A Solo (Without A Back-Up Band), ’74 (Atlantic-Australia 7009)

– Five Hundred Miles (1-2)/ A Boy Without A Girl (2-2)/ Joshua (2-6), ’62 (RCA LP 2631)

  • The book offered this partial listing of ‘The Tokens Sing Folk’ LP.

– Little Deuce Coupe A2/ Shut Down A5/ My Candy Apple Vette B3/ Drag City B6 , ’64 (RCA LP 2886)

  • The book listed only the posted titles from the ‘Wheels’ LP.

– Hear The Bells/ ABC-123/ Earth Angel/ A Thousand Miles Away/ Dry Your Eyes // ‘A’ You’re Adorable/ Gee/ In The Still Of The Night/ This Endless Night/ Tonight, Tonight/ Life Is But A Dream, ’66 (RCA LP 3685)


Tokens (Brooklyn NY) (ref Linc-Tones) (Hank Medress-Lead) – I Love My Baby, ’58 (Melba 104)

Tokens (Brooklyn NY) (ref Linc-Tones) (Neil Sedaka-Lead) – While I Dream, ’58 (Melba 104)


as DDT & The Repellents – The Fly Swatter/ Bee Side, ’62 (RCA 8064)


backing Coeds (w Unknown Female Singer) – Mark My Words/ You’re My First Love, ’64 (Swing 101)

  • The book listed as ‘Coeds (With The Tokens).’ 
    • ‘Mark My Words’ has a female lead and appears like the Tokens doing BV.
    • I have not heard ‘You’re My First Love.’
    • It seems unlikely that the Tokens recruited an unknown female lead and became the Coeds.
    • The Swing label is an subsidiary of the Tokens’ BT Puppy label.


as Buddies – On The Go/ Only My Friend, ’64 (Swing 102)


as United States Double Quartet The Tokens-The Kirby Stone Four – Life Is Groovy/ Split, ’67 (BT Puppy 524)


as Margo, Margo, Medress & Siegel – Needles Of Evergreen/ Mister Snail, ’68 (Warner Bros 7183)


as Four Winds

– Remember Last Summer/ Strange Strange Feeling, ’64 (Swing 100)

– Let It Ride/ One Face In The Crowd, ’68 (BT Puppy 555)

  • Scans found.

– Goodbye, Maureen, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105)


as 4 Winds – Dear Judy/ Come Softly To Me, ’78 (Crystal Ball 102)


error Tokens (Brownsville) ***miscredited as Tokens/Four Winds (Brooklyn) Group – Arlene, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105)

  • See comment for Arlene.
  • This Tokens groups is from Brownsville (East Brooklyn) on the Gary & Musictone Labels.
  • Arlene was originally recorded, but unreleased, by Dennis & The Dahills for the Richfield label.
  • Some Dahills members became the Tokens (Brownsville).


Tokens (Brooklyn NY) – Arlene/Rumble In The Park, ’64 (Rust 5094)

  • These titles were found on a few discographies and a youtube reference.
  • No scans found.
  • Commercial scans found for Rust 5094 are credited as:
    • Dean And Jean – 7 Day Wonder/ The Man Who Will Never Grow Old – 1965.


2 thoughts on “Tokens (Brooklyn NY) & Related Groups

  1. re: Dennis & The Dahills “Arlene” — This group was actually the BLACK Tokens group who wrote and recorded “Come Dance With Me” / “Doom Lang” on Gary Records (NYC, May 1958). Same lead singer (who actually sounded a bit like Jay Siegel) minus two former members. After the Gary record, these Tokens morphed into Eddie & The Starlights (replacing two original members) and recorded “To Make A Long Story Short” / “Pretty Little Girl” on Scepter Records (NYC, Dec. 1958) with an alternate lead singer. I never found out how or why Laurie Records released “Arlene” on Rust as by The Tokens. Seems as though it was intentional, for some reason.

    • Thanks for connecting the ‘Brownsville Tokens’ to Arlene and Dennis & The Dahills. This is good information and much appreciated. The posting has been adjusted.

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