Tokens (Brooklyn NY) & Related Groups

(Title changes are from label scans.)

Tokens (Brooklyn NY)

– When I Go To Sleep At Night/ Dry Your Eyes, ’61 (RCA 7896)

– Sincerely/ When The Summer Is Through, ’61 (RCA 7925)

– The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ Tina, ’61 (RCA 7954)

– Tonight I Fell In Love/ I’ll Always Love You, ’61 (Warwick 615)

– B-Wa Nina (Pretty Girl)/ Weeping River, ’62 (RCA 7991)

– The Riddle/ Big Boat, ’62 (RCA 8018)

– La Bomba/ A Token Of Love, ’62 (RCA 8052)

– Dream Angel Goodnight/ I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow, ’62 (RCA 8089)

– A Bird Flies Out Of Sight/ Wishing, ’62 (RCA 8114)

– Please Write/ I’ll Always Love You, ’63 (Laurie 3180)

– Please Write (Collectables 3303)

– Tonight I Met An Angel/ Hindi Lullaby, ’63 (RCA 8148)

– Hear The Bells/ A-B-C, 1,2,3, ’63 (RCA 8210) (Various pressings titled the B-side differently.)

– A Girl Named Arlene/ Swing, ’64 (BT Puppy 500 & Music Makers 110) (No scan was found for Music Makers 110.)

– He’s In Town/ Oh Kathy, ’64 (BT Puppy 502) (Some pressings spelling B-side as ‘Oh Cathy.)

– You’re My Girl/ Havin’ Fun, ’64 (BT Puppy 504)

– Let’s Go To The Drag Strip/ Two Cars, ’64 (RCA 8309)

– Nobody But You/ Mr Cupid (Don’t You Call On Me), ’65 (BT Puppy 505)

– A Message To The World/ Sylvie Sleepin’, ’65 (BT Puppy 507)

– Only My Friend/ Cattle Call, ’65 (BT Puppy 512)

– The Bells Of St Mary/ Just One Smile, ’65 (BT Puppy 513)

– The Three Bells/ A Message To The World, ’66 (BT Puppy 516)

– I Hear Trumpets Blow/ Don’t Cry, Sing Along With The Music, ’66 (BT Puppy 518)

– Greatest Moments In A Girl’s Life/ Breezy, ’66 (BT Puppy 519)

– Green Plant/ Saloogy, ’67 (BT Puppy 525) (Book listed as #552.  Scan is #525.)

– Get A Job/ Please Say You Want Me/ Get A Job, ’66 (BT Puppy 552)

– Portrait Of My Love/ She Comes And Goes, ’67 (Warner Bros 5900)

– It’s A Happening World/ How Nice, ’67 (Warner Bros 7056)

– Ain’t That Peculiar/ Bye, Bye, Bye, ’67 (Warner Bros 7099)

– Till/ Poor Man, ’68 (Warner Bros 7169)

– Animal/ Bathroom Wall, ’68 (Warner Bros 7202)

– The Banana Boat Song/ Grandfather, ’68 (Warner Bros 7233)

– The World Is Full Of Wonderful Things/ Some People Sleep, ’68 (Warner Bros 7255)

– I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow/ A Girl Named Arlene, ’69 (BT Puppy 563) (A Girl Named Arlene was done by the Tokens #500 and the Del Satins # 509.  I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow was a single for the Tokens on RCA 8089 and appears asby the Del Satins on a BT Puppy LP which I have not heard.  No scans were found for #563 and most sources list this asby the Del Satins.  The book and some sources list asby the Tokens.  At present it is unconfirmed which group is on the label.)

– She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning)/ Oh To Get Away, ’69 (Buddah 151)

– Go Away Little Girl-Young Girl/ I Want To Make Love To You, ’69 (Warner Bros 7280)

– I Could Be/ End Of The World, ’69 (Warner Bros 7323)

– Don’t Worry Baby/ Some People Sleep, ’70 (Buddah 159)

– Both Sides Now/ I Could See Me (Dancin’ With You), ’70 (Buddah 174)

– Groovin’ On The Sunshine-Sesame Street/ Listen To The Words (Listen To The Music), ’70 (Buddah 187)

– You And Me/ I Like To Throw My Head Back And Sing, ’72 (Bell 190)

– Penny Whistle Band/ The Lord Can’t Do A Solo (Without A Back-Up Band), ’74 (Atco 7009) (Scan was for Atlantic #7009.)


– Five Hundred Miles (1-2)/ A Boy Without A Girl (2-2)/ Joshua (2-6), ’62 (RCA LP 2631) (The book offered only this partial listing of ‘The Tokens Sing Folk’ LP.)

– Little Deuce Coupe A2/ Shut Down A5/ My Candy Apple Vette B3/ Drag City B6 , ’64 (RCA LP 2886) (The book listed only the posted titles from the ‘Wheels’ LP.)

– Hear The Bells/ ABC-123/ Earth Angel/ A Thousand Miles Away/ Dry Your Eyes // ‘A’ You’re Adorable/ Gee/ In The Still Of The Night/ This Endless Night/ Tonight, Tonight/ Life Is But A Dream, ’66 (RCA LP 3685)


Tokens (Brooklyn NY) (ref Linc-Tones) (Hank Medress-Lead) – I Love My Baby, ’58 (Melba 104)

Tokens (Brooklyn NY) (ref Linc-Tones) (Neil Sedaka-Lead) – While I Dream, ’58 (Melba 104)


as DDT & The Repellents – The Fly Swatter/ Bee Side, ’62 (RCA 8064)


backing Coeds (w Unknown Female Singer) – Mark My Words/ You’re My First Love, ’64 (Swing 101)  (The book listed as Coeds (With The Tokens.)  ‘Mark My Words’ has a female lead and appears like the Tokens doing BV.  I have not heard ‘You’re My First Love.’  It seems unlikely that the Tokens recruited an unknown female lead and became the Coeds.  The Swing label is an subsidiary of the Tokens’ BT Puppy label.)


as Buddies – On The Go/ Only My Friend, ’64 (Swing 102)


as United States Double Quartet The Tokens-The Kirby Stone Four – Life Is Groovy/ Split, ’67 (BT Puppy 524)


as Margo, Margo, Medress & Siegel – Needles Of Evergreen/ Mister Snail, ’68 (Warner Bros 7183)



Tokens (Brooklyn NY) as Four Winds

– Remember Last Summer/ Strange Strange Feeling, ’64 (Swing 100)

– Let It Ride/ One Face In The Crowd, ’68 (BT Puppy 555) (Scans found.)

– Goodbye, Maureen, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105)


Tokens (Brooklyn NY) as 4 Winds – Dear Judy/ Come Softly To Me, ’78 (Crystal Ball 102)



Tokens (Brownsville) miscredited as Tokens/Four Winds (Brooklyn) Group – Arlene, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105) (See comment for Arlene.  This Tokens groups is from Brownsville (East Brooklyn) on the Gary & Musictone Labels.  Arlene was originally recorded, but unreleased, by Dennis & The Dahills for the Richfield label.  Some Dahills members became the Tokens (Brownsville).


Tokens (Brooklyn NY?) – Arlene/Rumble In The Park, ’64 (Rust 5094) (These titles were found on a few discographies and a youtube reference.  No scans found.  Is Rust 5094’s ‘Arlene’ the Dennis & The Dahills song?)


2 thoughts on “Tokens (Brooklyn NY) & Related Groups

  1. re: Dennis & The Dahills “Arlene” — This group was actually the BLACK Tokens group who wrote and recorded “Come Dance With Me” / “Doom Lang” on Gary Records (NYC, May 1958). Same lead singer (who actually sounded a bit like Jay Siegel) minus two former members. After the Gary record, these Tokens morphed into Eddie & The Starlights (replacing two original members) and recorded “To Make A Long Story Short” / “Pretty Little Girl” on Scepter Records (NYC, Dec. 1958) with an alternate lead singer. I never found out how or why Laurie Records released “Arlene” on Rust as by The Tokens. Seems as though it was intentional, for some reason.

    • Thanks for connecting the ‘Brownsville Tokens’ to Arlene and Dennis & The Dahills. This is good information and much appreciated. The posting has been adjusted.

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