Titans Groups

Titans backing Don and Dewey – Just A Little Lovin’/ When The Sun Has Begun To Shine, ’57 (Specialty 617)



– Sweet Peach/ Free And Easy, ’57 (Specialty 614)

– So Hard To Laugh So Easy To Cry/ Rhythm & Blues, ’57 (Vita 148)

– G’Win Home Calypso/ Look What You’re Doing Baby, ’57 (Vita 158)

– Don’t You Just Know It/ Can It Be, ’58 (Specialty 625)

– Arlene/ Love Is A Wonderful Thing, ’58 (Specialty 632)

– No Time/ The Tootin’ Tutor, ’59 (Class 244)

– Everybody Happy/ What Have I Done, ’60 (Fidelity 3016)


Titans as Vitamins – So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry/ Rhythm N’ Blues, ’72 (Vita 101-bootlegged)



Titans (McCleary WA) – A-Rab {I}/ Marquette {I}, ’61 (Nolta 351)


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