Tigers Groups

Little Julian Herrera – Lonely Lonely Nights/ In Exchange For Your Love, ’56 (Dig 118) (BV is thought to be The Premiers (LA)-uncredited.)


Little Julian Herrera – Symbol Of Heaven/ Here In My Arms, ’57 (Dig 137) (Scans also found as Little Julian Herrara (w Johnny Otis Orchestra))


Little Julian Herrera & The Tigers (East LA) – I Remember Linda/ True Fine Mama, ’57 (Starla 6) (The Tigers backed Little Julian Herrera after he left Dig.)



Danny Peil & The Apollos (Milwaukee) – Jingle Jump, ’64 (Raynard 602)

The Apollos (Milwaukee) – Flip Side [sic] {I}, ’64 (Raynard 602)


Danny Peil & The Tigers (Milwaukee) – Jingle Jump, ’64 (Raynard 602)

The Tigers (Milwaukee) – Flip Side [sic] {I}, ’64 (Raynard 602)

#602 was issued under both group names.)



Al Tigro – Yvonne/ Do The Zombie, ‘62 (Cuppy 112)

(The Tigers are uncredited.  One source says Al Tigro is a white singer from So. Philadelphia and dates as 1962.)


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