Tiffanies, Tiffanys Groups

Tiffanies (Chicago) – He’s Good For Me/ It’s Got To Be A Great Song, ’67 (KR 0120) (Scans only as Tiffanies.)



Twilights (Philadelphia) (Teddy & The) as Tiffanys (w Frank Slay & His Orch) – The Pleasure Of Love/ Atlanta, ’62 (Swan 4104)

When Fred Cohen became the new lead, the Twilights continued as The Buddies and became Teddy & The Twilights and as The Tiffanys in early 1962.



Barbara Mason (BV The Tiffanys (Philadelphia) – Trouble Child, ’64 (Crusader 111, Crusader 114, ’65 & Charger 111, ’65)


Cindy Gibson (Vocal Accom The Tiffanys (Philadelphia)) – I’ll Always Love You/ (A Lovely) Summer Night, ’64 (General 700)


Tiffanys (Philadelphia) – Love Me/ Happiest Girl In The World, ’64 (Arctic 101)


Tiffanys (Philadelphia) – Please Tell Me/ Gossip, ’64 (MRS 777 & Atlantic 2240) (No scans for MRS label.  Arctic and Atlantic groups share some writing credits.)



Tiffanys (Josie Group)

– I Just Wanna Be Your Girl/ I Feel The Same Way Too, ’65 (Josie 942)

– Take Another Look At Me/ Heaven On Earth, ’66 (Josie 952)



Tiffany’s (Male) – I’ve Got A Girl/ I Don’t Dig (Western Movies), ’63 (Rockin-Robin 1)


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