Tides Groups

Tides (ref Black Brothers)

– Rock Me Gently/ Saxaphone Safari, ’59 (Dore 529) {I} (Scans found.  The book and other sources list the b-side as ‘Stoned’.  No scan was found credited as ‘Stoned’.)

– Little Carmen/ Smoke Signals, ’59 (Dore 546)

– Say You’re Mine/ Follow Me, ’61 (Dore 579) (Scans found.)

– Ring A Ding Ding/ Dear Mr President, ’61 (Dore 611)

– Ring A Ding Ding/ Chicken Spaceman, ’61 (Dore 618)


Tides (ref Black Brothers) as The Triplets – Gently My Love/ Bagdad Beat, ’60 (Dore 574)


Tides (ref Black Brothers) became Five Whispers

– Moon In The Afternoon/ Midnight Sun, ’62 (Dolton 61) {I}

– Especially For You/ Awake Or Asleep, ’62 (Dolton 69) {I}



Fabulous Rockers (Tampa/St Petersburg) credited as The Tides – Stranger/ Would I Still Be Loving You, ’61 (Warwick 653)

I researched a multitude of sites regarding the Fabulous Rockers.  Much is documented about their history with only brief mention about the recording of ‘Would I Still Be Loving You’ at the Criteria Studios in Miami.  Release/unrelease info is unknown.  A regional charting does credit as Tides (Rockers).

I found no explanation why The Fabulous Rockers, recognized in the music industry under this name, would have their recording credited as The Tides on Warwick.  Should any group member have the answer, please comment?  Perhaps the answer is studio or label related.

In 1958 gms are listed as: Dennis Pupello (leader and pianist), Onelio Ochoa (singer and trumpet), Manuel Gutierrez (baritone sax), Chuck Boris (guitar), Tony Lopez (drums), Donna Lynn Baccarella (singer), Artie Alvarez (singer), Wes Young (bass) and Roger Menendez (alto sax).



Tides (Nashville TN) (w The Merry Melody Singers)

– Limbo Rock {I}/ Midnight Limbo {I}, ’62 (Mercury 71990)

– The Banana Boat Song/ Patricia {I}, ’62 (Mercury 72045)

More recordings done by the Tides on the April 7, 1962 session can be seen @ countrydiscography.blogspot.com/2011/10/jerry-kennedy.html.  The site further lists the gms: Jerry Kennedy [gt], Harold Bradley [gt], Kelton D “Kelso” Herston [gt], Bob Moore [bass], Murrey M “Buddy” Harman [drums], Hargus “Pig” Robbins [piano], Ray Stevens [organ/ piano], Homer L. “Boots” Randolph [sax] + The Merry Melody Singers (Margie Singleton, Gordon Stoker, Raymond C Walker, Neil Matthews.



Tides (Chicago) – Bring It Home To Me/ Who Told You, ’62 (620 1007) (Some date as late as 1964.)


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