Tidal Waves Groups

Tidal Waves (LA Calif) – Booma Shooma Rock/ The Clock (Is Ticking My Life Away), ’61 (Tide 0020)


Tidal Waves (Maine)

– You Name It/ So I Guess, ’65 (Strafford 6503)

– Laugh/ Farmer John, ’66 (Right 6607)

– Little Boy Sad/ I Don’t Want To Lose You Now, ’67 (Plymouth 2968)


The (Maine) Tidal Waves gms: Walt Marston (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Steve Penney (bass guitar, vocals), Don Smith (lead guitar, vocals) and Bill Silliker (drums). 


Note:  thebasementwalls.blogspot.com/2015/11/the-tidal-waves-sanford-me.html has more about this Tidal Waves group.


Tidal Waves (Detroit) – Farmer John/ She Left Me All Alone, ’66 (SVR 1007)

  • They are not the Strafford/Right group.