Thunderbirds Groups

Thunderbirds (Birmingham Alabama) (Location based on GG label.  Black Rocker group as/Collectorsfrenzy.)

– Baby Let’s Play House/ Pledging My Love, ’55 (DeLuxe 6075)

– Love Is A Problem/ Rock Boom Boom, ’55 (GG 518)



Thunderbirds (Hollywood-Era Group)

– Blueberries/ Ayuh Ayuh, ’55 (Era 1000)

– I’d Be A Fool To Let You Go/ Beguino, ’55 (Era 1004)


Thunderbirds (Hollywood-Era Group) (Bert Convy & The) – C’Mon Back/ Hoo Bop De Bow, ’55 (Era 1001)



Thunderbirds (& Band) (New York NY) – In My Thunderbird/ Mary, ’57 (Holiday 2609)



Thunderbirds (RCA Subsidiary Label) (Billy Ford & The) – Billy Boy/ How Can I Be Sure, ’57 (Vik 0263) (The book and other sources list A-side as ‘Billy Boy Blow’ but scans are as Billy Boy.)



Thunderbirds (Hollywood) (Ron Holden With The)

– Love You So/ My Babe, ’59 (Donna 1315 & Nite Owl 10)

– True Love Can Be/ Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, ’60 (Donna 1328)


Ron Holden (Scans are generally found as ‘Ron Holden.’  There are some pressing that include “& The Thunderbirds.” )

– Gee But I’m Lonesome/ Susie Jane, ’60 (Donna 1324)

– Your Line Is Busy/ Who Says There Ain’t No Santa Claus, ’60 (Donna 1331)

– Let No One Tell You/ The Big Shoe, ’61 (Donna 1335)


Ron Holden (w the Masked Phantoms Band) – I’ll Be Happy/ I’ll Always Have You, ’61 (Eldo 117) (Book listed as With The Thunderbirds.)


Thunderbirds (Hollywood) as Rosie & Ron error – So Dearly/ Bring Me Happiness, ’61 (Donna 1338) (The book followed the assumption that  Rosie & Ron were Rosie Hamlin (Rosie & The Originals) and Ron Holden.  Label scans as Rosie & Ron (Music by The Velveteens).  ( indicates that Rosie & Ron are Lucy Duran and Ralph Valdez.)



Thunderbirds (Oakland CA) (Rudy Grayzell & His) (Acc By The Sparkles) – You’ll Be Mine/ F-B-I Story, ’59 (Award 130)


Thunderbirds (Columbia Ohio) (Johnny & The) – They Say/ You Are My Sunshine, ’59 (Clover 1001)


Thunderbirds (UK Artist) (Chris Farlow & The) – Just A Dream/ What You Gonna Do, ’64 (Columbia 7311 & General American 718, ’65) (Farlow is without the ‘e’.)


3 thoughts on “Thunderbirds Groups

  1. Thunderbirds (Billy Ford & The)
    The Monster, ’57 (Swan 4002) (A-Side “La Dee Dah” by Billy & Lillie)

    Thunderbirds (Billy & Lillie & The)
    Whip It To Me Baby / Love Me Sincerely, ’63 (ABC-Paramount 10421)

    Thunderbirds (Billy & Lilly & The)
    Baby You Don’t Know / I’m In Love, ’65 (Crossroad 101)

    • It seems the book made decisions of what to include based on their version of doowop. My site posts involved groups and corrections to the book. Extensions of any group’s discographies are available throughout the net. Thanks for contributing to the discography for Billy & The Thunderbirds.

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