Thrillers (The Other Groups)

Thrillers (Detroit) [not Five Jets-related or NY group] – Lizabeth Boogie, ’53-55 (The Beginning Of Rock ’n’ Roll CD 7 #3)

  • Lizabeth Boogie accurately times at 2:03.
  • ‘Lizabeth Boogie’ is a different song than (‘Lizabeth by the NY Thrillers on Herald.)
  • There are some listings incorrectly timing the comp release at 2:47 and sampling as ’Lizabeth by the Herald group.’

Note:  ‘Lizabeth Boogie’ is not in the book and is posted here for clarification purposes.  Most  locate this group in Detroit.


Five Jets (Detroit) originally as Thrillers

– I’m Gonna Live My Life Alone/ Lessy Mae, ’53 (Thrillers 167)

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– I’m Going To Live My Life Alone/ Lessy Mae, ’53 (Thrillers 3530)

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– Mattie, Leave Me Alone/ The Drunkard, ’53 (Thrillers 170 & Big Town 109)

– The Drunkard, ’53 (Big Town ET 1001A-2)

– Mattie Leave Me Alone, ’53 (Big Town ET 1001B-2)


Thrillers (NY)

– ‘Lizabeth/ Please Talk To Me, ’54 (Herald 432)

– Take That (Herald-Unreleased)

– Long Lasting Love (Herald-Unreleased)

– Woman Was Made For Love (Herald-Unreleased)

– If You Ever Need A Friend (Herald-Unreleased)