Thrillers (Little Joe & The)

Thrillers (Philadelphia) (Little Joe & The)

– This I Know/ Let’s Do The Slop, ’56 (Okeh 7075)

– Peanuts/ Lilly Lou, ’57 (Okeh 7088)


as Little Joe The Thriller

– The Echoes Keep Calling Me/ Lonesome, ’57 (Okeh 7094)

– What Happened To Your Halo!/ Don’t Live Me Alone, ’58 (Okeh 7099)

– Mine/ It’s Too Bad We Had To Say Goodbye, ’58 (Okeh 7107 & Epic 9293) (No Epic scan found.)


as Little Joe

– Cherry (Part I)/ Cherry (Part II), ’59 (Okeh 7116)

– Need Somebody/ It’s Been A Long Time, ’59 (Okeh 7121)

– I’ll Never Let You Go/ Give Me All Your Love, ’59 (Okeh 7127)

– Ev’ry Now And Then/ Goodnight, Little Girl, ’59 (Okeh 7134)


Thrillers (Little Joe & The)

– Stay/ Please Don’t Go, ’60 (Okeh 7136)

– Run Little Girl/ Public Opinion, ’60 (Okeh 7140 & Epic 9431, ’61) (No scans for Epic label.)

– Someone For Me/ Love Me (Like You Did Last Night), ’60 (Peanut 85211) (Scans found.)

– I Love You For Sentimental Reasons/ One More Time, ’61 (Twentieth Century 1214 & 20th Century 1214)

– Peanuts/ No, No, I Can’t Stop, ’63 (Reprise 20142)

– Peanuts And Popcorn/ Chicken Little Boo Boo, ’64 (Enjoy 2011) (Scans found.)


as Thrillers (Philadelphia) – Come What May/ This I Know Little Girl, ’65 (Uptown 715)


Thrillers (Philadelpha) (Little Joe & The)?? – How Am I Doing/ I’ll  Do Anything, ’63 (Rose 835??) (No information found for either title or label.  Rose 835 is credited as the Cardinals (Sh-Boom/ Why Don’t You Write Me) a group who were the Equadors/Modern Ink Spots.)


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    • Our efforts are world’s ahead of the doctors’ book. We have the internet and scans lol. Little Joe/Thrillers, of course, were no exception to the listing errors and these scans answer another question. Thanks for sending them.

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