Themes Groups

Themes (Nashville) (w Jack Snow) – The Magic Of You, ’59 (Excello 2152)

Themes (Nashville) (w Thomas Reynolds) – Yes! That’s Love, ’59 (Excello 2152)



Themes (New Jersey) (Alvin Gaines & The) – Cross My Heart/ Let’s Jump The Broomstick, ’59 (Fidelity 420592)



Themes (NY) (ref Tony Presto) – Marnie (I Love You)/ There’s No Moon Tonight, ’64 (Stork 001)



Themes (Los Angeles) (Lanny Hunt & The) – I Can’t Say I Love You/ Over Easy, ’64 (Sure Star 5001) (Location confirmation needed.)



Themes (Pennsylvania) – I Feel So Funny/ A Sunday Kind Of Love (Ideal 21)


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